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A manicure that lasts 3 weeks? Try gel polish!

If you’ve been a long-time reader of Project Vanity, you might still recall when Liz used to do #ManiMondays. As a nail polish fan, I used to look forward to those posts because I didn’t know much about other brands besides local ones like Caronia, Bobbie, and Chic. Nowadays though, it’s rare to see Liz wearing any kind of nail color, and I get it. Manicures take time to do and need to be properly cared for - sporting chipped nail polish is the equivalent of having smudged mascara or eyeliner and not fixing it.

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Lash Love: How the new Browhaus Lash Curl Up works and what it looks like before & after

I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve done a full face of makeup but forgotten to curl my lashes or apply mascara. My eyes end up looking dead and my makeup uneven. I feel like this is the beauty equivalent of showing up in a fantastic outfit with bare feet, so I’ve taken to packing along a mascara and a curler in my kikay kit! But do you know how difficult it is to comb and curl lashes in a moving vehicle? It’s a (potentially painful) disaster waiting to happen.

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Beauty Is Pain: A blow-by-blow of my Browhaus microblading experience

Last month, I did an epilating story which entailed a lot of pain and experimentation, all in the name of beauty. This time, as other writers shied away from another potentially painful procedure, I begrudgingly said yes to Brow Resurrection, a semi-permanent makeup microblading service by Browhaus. This gave me an idea to start a new column called “Beauty is Pain,” where I would try out scary-looking and “painful” (or perceived to be painful) beauty treatments. We hope that doing this will make the treatments less intimidating by explaining the process and sharing our tips to make your experience safe and comfortable.

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Shipping your beauty haul from the US to PH is easy - here's how

I shop mostly online these days. That goes for clothes, beauty products, and even groceries! Maybe it's being 30 and and busy that I can't be bothered to brave the traffic, search for things to buy, and carry around stuff back to my place. Going at it online is simply more convenient and painless!

Even so, I've mostly been avoiding shopping from stores abroad simply because I'm afraid of losing my package in transit. I also don't have time to go to my local post office to haggle questionable customs charges and pick up the item myself. I know brands like Colourpop and Beautylish have international shipping but it seems more hassle to have to worry about so many details.

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What you need to know about Revlite Laser

I've been having my laser treatment at Wink Laser Studio for over half a year now, and I swear, hair barely grows on my legs and pits after five sessions! My life is easier knowing that I can wear whatever I want without worrying if I look like a sasquatch (no offense to sasquatches though, I'm sure they are awesome). I think I'm due for one last session until the hair is all gone indefinitely. 

Anyway, I'm excited to enjoy that kind of freedom - on my face. I mean, imagine not having to wear concealer or foundation anymore because your skin is completely blemish and wrinkle-free. Imagine not having to spend a lot of time brushing and layering on the ironic "no makeup" makeup. Well, it's possible with laser today. Wink Studio's latest laser facial, Revlite, is now available in the Trinoma branch! While it is expensive, it's not as expensive as you might think.


I worked on launching Wink's Revlite treatment to the press and bloggers a few weeks back. Our magazine friends were there, and of course, our favorite online personalities. Holly Chang, the founder of Wink, and dermatologist Dr Angela Castro were there to talk about the new service. The very funny Karrots Nazareno also hosted!



So what is Revlite, exactly? It's a laser treatment that stimulates and rejuvenates collagen in your skin with short pulses of light. The increase in collagen gives skin a youthful glow, a smoother texture, and a more even skin tone.

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My laser hair removal experience at Wink Studio

My favorite place for hair removal is Wink Laser & Wax Studio at Bonifacio High Street Central. The salon looks great, the attendants are friendly and always smiling, and the prices are fairly affordable considering the location and quality of service. I usually go in for underarm and leg waxing, but a couple of months back I finally took the plunge and tried the laser.

The underarm laser is just P2,500, which is actually not that expensive in the great scheme of things. Consider, you only need to go in every six to seven weeks, then after about six sessions and nine months (or P15,000 estimate), you're completely hair-free in that area - forever! Think about that. You'll never have to worry about waxing or shaving again.

The laser works by heating up your hair follicles, eventually disabling them from producing more hair. Some people may grow some hair back (it's a case-to-case thing) but Wink's laser hair removal is designed to be permanent et ceteris paribus

So is it painful? That's the million dollar question isn't it! No, it doesn't hurt AT ALL. If it's your first time to do laser they will use the lowest frequency. It's so low you won't even feel it but for the brisk rubbing of the laser gun on your skin.

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New cut and color from JURO Salon

My mid-length hair has been unbearably frizzy and unruly this summer, so I was lucky that JURO Salon asked if I wanted my hair done at their awesome salon! Blogger perks, yo. I was honestly planning to schedule a visit there this June, but I'm glad (and honored!) they were kind enough to offer the service to me at no cost.

For it is true: once you're touched by Jude and Rose, you can't be happy with any other hair stylist. :) At least in my case. My hair is difficult because it's wavy and doesn't stay in one shape for long, so its layers and length have to be cut as precisely as possible to account for the growth. In the past, I'd leave the salon feeling pleased with my styled hair, but as soon as I wash it, it just doesn't look quite as nice. With JURO, I can't wait to wash my hair! It grows out so well too that I didn't need a hair cut in like seven months (my last visit was September).

I actually liked my hair better as it grew longer!

Jude gave me a more layered cut this time. Still a short bob like before, but with more texture in the bottom.

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Top five beauty services to try in Manila

So you have a big event, a broken heart, a life overhaul, or just want a little grooming and relaxation. You find yourself in need of pamper and polish. Where do you go? Let me help you there! Here's a list of where I go when I need something (non-invasive) done on my body. These are my absolute favorite beauty services in Manila!

JURO Salon. The best hair cut and color I've ever had was from Jude and Rose, the owners of JURO. They are the most talented hair professionals in Manila, I believe, with over 20 years in the industry. Having your hair done by them will cost you P7,500 but I swear they're worth it. As it happens I just got my haircut there recently (another short one) and my love for this couple is still as strong as ever.

If you're not willing to shell out that much money for your hair, you can go to their junior stylists. It's about P1,500 per cut. I would still trust them to do a great job because they're trained by Jude.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio. This is a new business but it's already making waves in the local hair removal industry. The place looks expensive and chi-chi, but not in a snooty way. The people are warm and easy to talk to so you'll find yourself relaxed while getting your treatment. Oh, they're also anal about hygiene here, so no double-dipping and all paper sheets are used only once!

Even with the upscale look and location (BHS Central), Wink is surprisingly affordable. A full leg wax for example would be only P850, while a Brazilian is P680. The painless laser is also inexpensive compared to its competitors, plus it's offered on installment too.

Blo Blow Dry Bar. For girls who are clueless on how to style their hair, Blo is their savior. It's quite expensive for just a blow dry since it's about P500 per session. However if you're going to a special event and don't want to leave your hair up to chance, or worse, in you're inexperienced hands, then Blo can give you the best possible version of your current cut and color.

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Blo Blow Dry Bar now in Manila

I've been wishing for a real, professional blow dry bar in the Fort area for some time now. I've only read about the bars in Pasig but they're just too far for me. Yes, hair salons offer blow dries but the ones I like are in awkward pockets of Makati. The only reason I would get a pro blow is if I'm going to an important event, and these events are usually in Rockwell or The Fort area.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the "Coming Soon" sign of Blo Blow Dry Bar in Serendra late last year! It just opened last week. I was also v.v. happy to find out that there's already another branch in Powerplant. Double yay!

But wait, what is Blo Dry Bar? It's actually the first to market the no cuts, no color concept in North America. It specializes in blow drying alone. From what I've seen in my visit, they only use reputable hair products and tools to achieve that perfect coif! The attendants are well-trained and pleasant. The interiors are in hot pink and white with a feminine minimalist feel.

Reception area in Serendra branch


The procedure is fairly straightforward: the attendant will shampoo your hair, then she'll hand you a menu of services.

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Strip Gingerbread Cookie Wax and V-Blush Treatment (for lightening underarms)

Since we were already on the topic of hair removal, I thought I would smoothly follow through with a treatment I tried recently. Last December, I vamoosed to Strip Serendra to try out their sinful Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax and V-Blush treatment on my underarms. I love the end results! It's been five weeks and my 'pits are still super soft and fairly hairless.

Did I say five weeks? Yeah that's how good it is. The Gingerbread Cookie Wax is only offered for a limited time so I'm not sure if it's still available, but I would still highly recommend the waxing services of Strip. They are so quick to pull out the hair - one try, actually - and it didn't hurt at all.

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The December Glamourbox

Glamourbox, I think, raised everyone's expectations from the local beauty boxes with its first package last November. It contained a full-sized Australian mascara worth P1,000+ (which is good btw, according to Kira!), a lip palette, and various intriguing perfume samples. I'm pleased to announce that the December box also did not disappoint!

When I first opened it I thought, ok coupons, coupons, sample bottles...meh. That is, until I saw the full-sized VMV lipstick! One tube costs P1,050 at the store, and the box is only P600. I love that Glamourbox puts in one product that's full-sized and costs much, much more than the subscription fee.

I hope they continue doing it. It's not just great value for the customer's money, it's also such a pleasant thrill to receive. That's like 50% of the reason women would want a curated beauty box.

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