How to glow like Rima Ostwani before you say "I do!"

When I got married almost two years ago, I made the horrible mistake of not hiring a wedding coordinator. The last two weeks before the wedding were the most hellish I'd ever experienced as I struggled to finalize all the plans in addition to completing my work for the week that I'd be away. I was stressed, tired, and not getting enough sleep and it definitely showed on my skin. I felt like the complete opposite of a blooming bride!

I was just lucky to have an excellent makeup artist/bridesmaid who made sure I looked radiant and well-rested - with a little help from airbrush makeup. It looked great in photos and in real life, but there's no way I could have recreated that natural-looking glow had I gone the DIY route. I didn't (and still don't) have the right products and tools to do my own wedding makeup, and instead of finding the perfect foundation, I'd much rather invest in skin care treatments that make permanent improvements to my skin.

That's why I honestly felt giddy with excitement when we were invited to a very special #BeautyBeforeIDo bridal shower at Facial Care Centre's new branch at the Fort a few weeks ago. First, because I love discovering new skin care finds, and second because it was to fete one of my long-time girl crushes, model Rima Ostwani

At first I couldn't get over how amazing her skin was (she didn't have makeup on because she was getting treatments) and then over how warm and friendly she was. She was the very picture of bridal beauty, and glowed with happiness as she shared her love story. Reconnecting with a childhood friend, falling in love and getting engaged may sound like a plot for a rom-com but that's exactly how it happened for Rima.

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding, but even with a wedding coordinator, the best laid plans can still go wrong. In addition to making sure that she looks her best for her special day, Rima revealed that treatments keep her from stressing out and going into bridezilla mode. Facial Care Centre is her happy place, and her Bridal Beauty Essentials help her feel beautiful, revitalized, and ready to take on the challenges of wedding planning once again.

As I've experienced, being tired and stressed can spell disaster for your complexion. RevLite is the perfect solution for correcting uneven skin tones, brightening dull complexions, and getting rid of those tiny bumps that make your skin look and feel rough. If you want to be soft and smooth all over for your wedding night, you can use this service from head to toe!

We're big fans of sheet masks here at Project Vanity, but I'll be the first to admit that they're not nearly as effective as a professional service like Facial Treatment with Collagen. Having someone to expertly massage your face and apply a rich collagen mask is super relaxing. Rima admits that this is her ultimate secret for looking good even without makeup on.

Finally, for brides who dream of looking flawless in their white dresses, LaserLight Hair Removal is a must. You don't want to feel self-conscious in a tube or sleeveless top, and you should feel free to dance the night away in the after-party. And the best thing is, you'll be hair-free even in the days and years beyond your wedding day!

Rima celebrated the start of her happily ever after yesterday, and I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure she'll look absolutely perfect because she chose #BeautyBeforeIDo!

Instagram image via @njtorres

Instagram image via @njtorres

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Are you a bride preparing for your walk down the aisle, or simply looking for permanent ways to improve your skin? You can definitely benefit from these treatments either way! Which one are you most interested in?


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