Lash Love: How the new Browhaus Lash Curl Up works and what it looks like before & after

I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve done a full face of makeup but forgotten to curl my lashes or apply mascara. My eyes end up looking dead and my makeup uneven. I feel like this is the beauty equivalent of showing up in a fantastic outfit with bare feet, so I’ve taken to packing along a mascara and a curler in my kikay kit! But do you know how difficult it is to comb and curl lashes in a moving vehicle? It’s a (potentially painful) disaster waiting to happen.

Browhaus has been a go-to for perfectly-shaped arches and achieving #wokeuplikethis selfies, so I was excited to try their newest offering: the Lash Curl Up! Compared to their previous lash perming service, this new technique works even for those with short lashes. It lasts for one to two months, and helps you cut down on prep time - or in my case, saves my makeup from looking half-baked. Browhaus PR & marketing manager Monique Jamlang says that Curl Up can even promote good lash health, as using a lash curler can actually be damaging to your lashes. “Curling makes the hair more brittle and prone to breakage,” she explains as I think about all the horror stories of people who accidentally chopped off all their lashes during a curling malfunction. Definitely sold on trying this!


Unlike Sam and her amazing custom lashes, I don’t have the patience for extensions. I have tried them once and the 3-hour application process killed my poor back. I also didn’t like how the strands would poke my lids and required careful attention, so lash perming is most practical for my needs and habits. I settled into the treatment chair for the hour-long process while my therapist prepared the materials and explained the process.

The pink hard plastic strips are called plalots, and used as a guide and base for the lashes be adhered to. Each single hair strand is carefully arranged and attached here with a special lash glue, so that resulting curl is carefully controlled. The therapist gave me the option between a natural-looking curl or a Barbie Doll-type of curl, which is more dramatic and gives a wide-eyed effect. Nine chose the latter one since we were both curious about how that would look like. My eye area was cleaned, and my lower lashes were taped down and covered so that they wouldn’t curl up as well. From then on, I had to keep my eyes shut for about an hour and a half so make sure to visit the restroom beforehand and bring your own headphones so can listen to the Project Vanity Podcast while getting your treatment!


Applying the glue is a tedious process that must have taken at least 30 minutes or more of the treatment time. The hair strands have to be positioned just right for the perm effect to look good. After this is applied, it is allowed to dry for a few minutes before the actual perm solution is placed to make the curl semi-permanent. To be honest, this part was the most unpleasant to me because it smells just like the hair perms done in parlors! It’s somewhat strong and cloying, but apparently very normal so just wait 40 or so minutes needed for the perm to set. Once the curl has been cured, the neutralizer is applied and the glue is removed to reveal doll-like lashes.

I’m wearing the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in  Anna Nicole  here. I think it crumbled because I was drinking something.

I’m wearing the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole here. I think it crumbled because I was drinking something.

After any treatment, Browhaus makes it a point to give detailed aftercare instructions and this time was no different. My therapist explained the do’s and don’ts of proper lash perm care then handed me a little card so I wouldn’t forget. The main thing is to avoid getting them wet for the next 24 hours but you’re allowed to go the gym and workout right after! This is apparently unique to Browhaus’s Lash Curl Up service as other places are very strict about exposing new curls to any type of moisture. Other tips to remember:

  • Only use cool or room temperature water when washing the area. As much as possible, avoid direct water contact. After washing, carefully pat dry. Do not rub.

  • Heat can undo the curl so avoid steaming your face or being exposed to damp, high temperatures like saunas.

  • Do not use mascara for the first 3 to 4 days after treatment. When you do, opt for easy-to-remove, water-soluble formulas so you don’t damage the curls during removal.

  • Do not use a lash curler. Anyway, your lashes are already curled, why would you need to do it again?

  • Use the recommended aftercare product: the Undercoat Lash and Brow Conditioner (also available at Browhaus for P2,800). It contains silk, collagen and vitamin B5 to moisturize and protect lashes. Apply day and night.

  • If your lashes ever feel like they’re in a tangle, simply use a finger to gently push them back up and smooth them into place. My lashes feel heavy and disarrayed when they get wet so this is what I do to fix them.

At P3,028 for the treatment, Lash Curl Up is not the most affordable perm service available but I feel more assured about their safety protocols in Browhaus than in other salons. They only use FDA-approved solutions that won’t harm your eyes, even if they somehow accidentally get in during treatment. I’m pleased to say that I didn’t experience any stinging, itching, or other irritation from this treatment, unlike another friend’s experience elsewhere. I also appreciate that Browhaus doesn’t allow lashes to be dyed on the same day as they are permed, as this causes too much trauma to the hair strands. If you would like to have them dyed as well (for a fuller, mascara-free look), you can have it done a week after the curling treatment. Browhaus offers savings plans, special promotions, and bank payment tie-ups, so don’t be shy to ask!

lash-curl-service-by-browhaus_review-philippines_project-vanity_2019-5 (1).jpg

I’m going into my third week of pretty, permed lashes and I’m honestly liking it. The curl has relaxed a bit so my lashes are no longer “reaching for the roof” as my husband says. Still the effect is evident, and because the strands are properly fanned out, my lashes look fuller and my eyes more wide awake. The best part is probably that my lashes no longer brush up against my eyeglass lenses, which is annoying and has poked me in the eye too often.

Lash Curl Up is available in Browhaus branches at SM Megamall, Serendra, and Greenbelt 5. For inquiries and appointments, contact the Browhaus hotline at 09178978747.

Photography by Nicole Quindara