How to make your #Wokeuplikethis selfie a reality with Browhaus

How do you look like when you wake up? If you’re like most people, chances are you don’t look like anything you’d actually consider Instagram-worthy. Even after washing your face and brushing your hair, you may not feel ready to face the day without some paint. But what happens if you woke up late and don’t have time to line your lids, swipe on some lipstick, or draw on your brows?

It’s actually possible to post a gorgeous #wokeuplikethis selfie without pulling any tricks. The secret: semi-permanent makeup! Now before the images of greenish ink and botched brow jobs scare you off, take a look at these photos and tell me that they don’t look fab:

Browhaus can turn your dream of waking up with rosy lips, well-defined eyes, and perfect brows into a reality, with a bit of help from 100% non-allergenic vegetable dyes and highly-skilled treatment specialists. Here’s how!

Brow Resurrection

If your brows are short, skinny, patchy or even non-existent, the Brow Resurrection treatment can save you from having to draw a presentable kilay every day. Unlike old-fashioned tattoos, this semi-permanent pigment has a 3-dimensional look that appears completely natural and lifelike. The strokes are drawn on individually so that it mimics the way your hair looks and grows. Because they’re even more obsessed about eyebrows than we are, the Browhaus School in Singapore (yes, they really do have one) is constantly updating and improving the technique that they specially designed for this, which explains why the effect appears a lot finer compared to other treatments like embroidery. The result: arches that look constantly on-fleek for up to two years!

Eye Define

Besides perfecting their brows, many women spend a lot of time on getting their eyeliner to look even. Whether you're a newbie struggling to figure out eyeliners or an oily-skinned gal who can't find a formula that won't smudge or fade through the day, Eye Define is worth considering. It makes lashes look lusher and creates a fresh, wide-awake look. You can also choose how thin or thick you want the line to be, and if you want it on both lids or just the upper lid. The thought of having such a procedure done near your eye might sound scary but there’s no need to worry: the Browhaus specialist must have had at least two years of experience and undergo a rigorous training program at the Browhaus School before being qualified to perform this treatment. They even have monthly reviews and annual certification to ensure that their skills are A-grade. Best of all, the liner lasts for up to five years!

Lip Define

I’m not suggesting that you give up your lipsticks but if you have an uneven lip line, pale lips that make you look sickly, or dark lips from smoking, Lip Define keeps your pout looking polished. It’s like having a lip liner that stays on and on, with a color that adds a healthy flush to your face. The pigment looks super bright for the first few days following the procedure then mellows down to a liptint-like appearance. If you’re on a quest for a lip color that will last through a whole day of eating and countless hours of kissing, this is the longest-lasting lip tint that you’ll find at up to two years.

Browhaus is strict about keeping their treatments safe and hygienic so they’re only performed by trained specialists using single-use needles and sterilized tools. They also make sure to keep the experience pleasant and discomfort at a minimum by using a potent numbing cream, which is reapplied throughout the session. Browhaus sales & marketing head Monique Jamlang, who has tried every one of the treatments, tells me that the sensation while the dye is being applied just feels like a very light scratching. “There’s no pain but if you start to feel uncomfortable, the specialist is trained to stop and reapply the cream,” she says.

The area may feel swollen and a bit delicate after, and there’s a short downtime that can last for three days to a week. There’s also a recommended Tune Up Session a few months after your initial session to ensure that the semi-permanent makeup stays defined and properly colored after it has settled into your skin.

Semi-permanent makeup is a serious commitment so if you’re thinking of taking that plunge, it's best to do it safely and correctly. Browhaus adheres to international safety standards and constantly works on improving current practices, so you can look forward to fabulous results and a smooth, pain-free experience. Are you ready to #BHmakeitreal?

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