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Vice Cosmetics released new Velvet Matte Lip Kits and we have all the swatches!

Vice Cosmetics is on a roll! After just releasing a powder makeup collection just a few weeks ago, this hot and local brand is ending the year with a bang by coming out with new lip kits to complete our holiday looks.

If you can recall, the brand originally launched their lip kits late last year with a tandem of a Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching lip liner. This time, they’ve created a Velvet Matte Lip Kit consisting of two all-new products: a Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick and a matching, retractable lip liner!

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Cheap But Good: These Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liners are P125 and creamy

Lip liners are underrated makeup products here in Asia. It’s a shame, though, as many miss out its abilities to define the shape of our lips and help keep our lipstick in place. If you haven't yet, you should consider adding lip liners to your arsenal because Ever Bilena recently released a new collection of Matte Lip Liners with very budget-friendly prices!

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Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner

You've already read my review of the wonderful Lip Perfection Lipsticks, so now get a load of the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner (P325)!

I don't normally wear lip liner because I'm lazy (hehe), but you have to admit that it's useful when you're wearing a really loud, hard-to-control color or when you want to slightly make your lips fuller. There's a ton of lip liner shades out there but the perfect color for you should be something very close to your lips. Think of it as if it were foundation - it evens out the color of skin and creates the perfect base for your makeup. 

I like the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner because it has a creamy texture, but not so creamy that it slips right off  your lips.

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