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Safety First: What you should know before getting a semi-permanent beauty service

Thanks to more salons offering them at budget-friendly prices, getting beauty treatments is something that more people can enjoy. Here on PV, we’ve tried and raved about lash extensions, lash perms, lash lifts, and even semi-permanent tattoo makeup. These services are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason: you can literally “wake up like this” and already look made up, so you save time on getting ready!

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Beauty Is Pain: A blow-by-blow of my Browhaus microblading experience

Last month, I did an epilating story which entailed a lot of pain and experimentation, all in the name of beauty. This time, as other writers shied away from another potentially painful procedure, I begrudgingly said yes to Brow Resurrection, a semi-permanent makeup microblading service by Browhaus. This gave me an idea to start a new column called “Beauty is Pain,” where I would try out scary-looking and “painful” (or perceived to be painful) beauty treatments. We hope that doing this will make the treatments less intimidating by explaining the process and sharing our tips to make your experience safe and comfortable.

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