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Swatches + Review: What we think of the new Maybelline lip tint, liquid liner, and foundation

Whether you’re putting together your first makeup kit or a seasoned pro stocking up on work essentials, Maybelline is a reliable go-to drugstore brand for beauty fans. They recently launched three new products that claim to be long-wearing and more, so we tested them to see if they actually deliver.

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Quick Rave: The K-Palette Lasting Semi-Matte Lip Tint

Full-on matte lipsticks have had their day in the sun, but now their time is over. It’s all about hydrating tints and glosses these days as the beauty crowd moves towards a more comfortable aesthetic! Today I have a new release from one of my fave Japanese brands called the K-Palette Lasting Semi-Matte Lip Tint (P795). It promises to be non-drying and long-wearing - two things that are non-negotiable to the discerning lipstick connoisseur.

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Hanggang saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo? A DIY lip tint tutorial

When I was in high school, we didn’t have any Watsons in my province. The only way to buy makeup was through Avon and Ever Bilena resellers. Because shopping options were limited and so were our allowances, I would see my female batchmates sticking a finger inside their bags, quickly ducking down, then reappearing with red lips and a red-tipped finger.

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Pink Sugar Sugar Tints vs Pizza: Here’s what the lippies look like after a greasy lunch

When you barely have a minute to put your face together, swiping on a favorite lipstick is a fast and easy way to elevate your look. If you’ve ever been told that you look pale or sickly because you skipped your usual full face of makeup, putting on lipstick literally brings color back to your face. But what happens if you’re too busy to reapply throughout the day? We discovered that Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints (P349 each) is a great solution to this problem!

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Ganda Ka? A review of Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip Tint + a short glossary of Swardspeak

Editor’s Note: Before Buwan ng Wika ends, we want to celebrate a Filipino language that has risen in popularity in recent years - Swardspeak! More popularly known as Bekinese or Bekimon, this gay lingo has also become common in the beauty world, especially with the arrival of the Vice Ganda brand. A glossary of terms has been included below for those who are not familiar with the terminology. We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did producing it!

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Swatches: Cult favorite Colourette Colourtints get a fresh, new upgrade

I have been hearing great things about the Colourette Colourtints from the Project Vanity team and community. Pigmented, blendable, and with strong lasting power – for P249 each, they definitely sound like a steal! Recently, the Colourette team launched new formulations of this cult favorite to be even better. The original Matte shades now have an even richer pigmentation, and they introduced a new Fresh version for fans that prefer a lightweight, my-lips-but-better tint.

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Battle of the Velvet Tints: 3CE Velvet Tint vs Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Tint

Hi, I’m Gett and I easily fall into the trap of hype marketing, minimal packaging, and soft matte lip products. Even with my day job as an ahensya slave and my daily exposure to different marketing tactics, I am only but a human with measly wants and needs. These days, I need a lippie that feels comfortable but still looks matte. I’m at this point in my life where I’d rather reapply lipstick than have to wear a drying formula that stays put all day long.

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Battle of the Local Lip Tints: Which of these under P200 tints is the best?

While I might have dabbled in lip tints when I first started getting into makeup, I've built my lip color collection around the traditional bullet lipstick. I don’t have anything against tints (or glosses, stains, and liquid lipsticks, for that matter), and I do see the appeal of getting a pop of color from a more lightweight (and supposedly longer-wearing) medium. I just feel that bullet perform better! 

Still, when I was assigned to test local lip tint brands, I was very curious if any of them would be my new go-to favorite. I wasn't able to get hold of the famous KJM stains but we've done a review on those before. I decided to try six other brands instead! Did they manage to change my mind? Read on to find out!

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The Ultimate Lipstick Bible: How to find the best formula + finish for your lips

With the beauty industry constantly producing new products at breakneck speed, we're very much spoiled for choice. Sometimes though, the feeling of having so many options can be overwhelming. I think this is especially true when it comes to lipsticks. Color options are a beautiful nightmare in and of itself but finishes compound that situation tenfold.

To beauty shopaholics like us, having a favorite is key to narrowing down the “financial blackholes” we can potentially sink into. Unfortunately, bankruptcy by lipstick is just not a socially acceptable incapacity (yet.) Today, we’re going to break down the world of lipsticks and hopefully help you, dear reader, edit your lipstick wardrobe and stick to pieces you'll actually use.

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Hint of juicy tint: Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

I wasn't impressed the last time I tried a Nivea lip balm. The formula was somewhat better than similarly-priced alternatives in the drugstore, but I found that the balm didn't do much to actually moisturize my lips. It dried up quickly so I had to re-apply several times during the day, too. But that was two years ago, I think! Nivea has gone a long way and went on to refomulate their lip balms.

The Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm (P80) is a non-waxy, moisturizing lip product that comes in three variants: Cherry, Strawberry, and Pomegranate. They feel wonderful on my lips plus they offer a hint of tint that goes on evenly.

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