Pink Sugar Sugar Tints vs Pizza: Here’s what the lippies look like after a greasy lunch

When you barely have a minute to put your face together, swiping on a favorite lipstick is a fast and easy way to elevate your look. If you’ve ever been told that you look pale or sickly because you skipped your usual full face of makeup, putting on lipstick literally brings color back to your face. But what happens if you’re too busy to reapply throughout the day? We discovered that Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints (P349 each) is a great solution to this problem!

The Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints has been one of the local brand’s best sellers since they launched in 2015, and it’s not hard to see why. Pigmented, multi-purpose, and long-wearing, these tubes quickly impressed our editor Liz when they first came out four years ago. They’ve since added a lot more shades to the original lineup, but I’ve never gotten to try them until just recently.


As hectic as work gets sometimes, we do have a lot of fun over at the Project Vanity HQ. We wear sheet masks, play with makeup, and paint our nails at the office! A bunch of Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints were on our table and since none of us had ever tried them, Gett, Nine, and I decided to test them how well they would hold up during our office pizza party.

The shade selection offers a lot of great options for an everyday lippie, so you can pretty much pair them with any outfit. A small amount of product goes a long way because of the intense color payoff but this also makes the matte formula a little unforgiving about settling into lip lines. It’s best to prep lips with a moisturizing balm before application to allow the pigments to apply smoothly, but I was happy to discover that the tint doesn’t dry out my lips even when I skip this step.

I put on Pillow Talk while Gett wore Queen Bee and Nine chose Unforgettable. These photos show how the lippies look freshly applied, and how they survived our messy, greasy pizza lunch.

Once applied, these lippies stay on for a good 5 hours on the lips, even after eating! The formula survived the pizza grease and somehow stayed mostly on our lips despite some transfer to the pizza crust when we bit in. I experienced a bit of fading on the center of my bottom lip but everything else was surprisingly intact!

In fact, I struggled to remove the swatches on my arm after photographing them - even my trusty Shu Uemura oil cleanser couldn’t remove all traces of the lippie, so I had to make do with rubbing at the stains every so often. It’s a bit of a hassle, but I’m really impressed with the longevity.


If you’re a busy gal who wants her lip color to stay on all day, or are a serial snacker like I am, these Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints are worth looking into. At just P349 each, they’re affordable additions that can be worn with ease with any outfit and for any occasion. The darker shades do wear a bit longer than the light ones, but they perform well enough that you can indulge in hoarding all the colors you want!

Have you tried these Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints? Which ones are your favorite shades?

Pink Sugar is available at and in SM Beauty and Watsons stores.