Five beauty hypes in 2018 that were totally not worth it

At the start of every new year, we look forward to seeing what trends will become popular. Glossy lips? Baby bangs? More foodmetics? All sorts of makeup in Living Coral? Trends come and go and only time will tell which ones would come to define the year ahead. What we know for sure is that we’re saying goodbye to 2018 and its beauty hypes that were just not worth it.

BYS x Nadine.jpg

BYS x Nadine

#LustrousPH generated a lot of hype when Nadine posted it on her socials early in 2018. A makeup collaboration with one of the more gorgeous faces and biggest names of this generation? Yes, please! When the products landed, however, most of us were left sorely disappointed by the curation, product quality, and the higher than usual drugstore pricing. The Lip & Cheek Tint at P399… all we can say is, save your money. We stan President Nadine but this makeup collaboration just ain’t it.

Editor’s note: We would however recommend you look into the contour palette from this collection - it works great and has huge pans so it’ll take forever to finish. - Liz

SnailWhite Whipp Soap

After the Queen of All Media promoted the SnailWhite Whipp Soap from Thailand, we received several requests for a product review here at Project Vanity. So we bought it, tested it, and balked at the pH level of 9.5 to 10. Let’s make it clear that we’re not against lightening your skin tone, but we’ve wised up on cleansers that do more damage than good. If this product works for you, great! But we’re bidding a permanent adieu to high pH anything.


Pizza Cutter Eyeliner

Remember when the MAC’s “pizza cutter” eyeliner went viral? Roller wheel liners seemed like the genius solution for people who struggled with the cat eye, and we soon found this product trickling down to the drugstore. Liz even tried the Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner and loved it! But if we’re being truly critical, this still does not compare to the flexibility of an actual brush or felt tip. It’s also hard to get in between your lashes for that truly flawless wing. If you’re going to practice anyway, we say stick to good ol’ classic eyeliner and call it a day. If you have an unsteady hand, stencils are your best friend!

Whimsical Highlighters

Were you sucked in by the allure of pastel-colored highlighters? If yes, have you even picked up your palette in the last month? Pretty in promotional pictures though as they may be, let’s be honest here and admit how hard these are to wear on the regular. The fact that these have been frequently on the sale racks of Anastasia Beverly Hills is testament enough. Let’s get these whimsical highlighters off the consumer market and leave them with editorial makeup artists where they belong.


Magnetic Eyelashes

The entire world was suitably amazed upon seeing the viral videos of lashes magically snapping on to lids sans glue. These lashes with magnetic strips looked like an easy way to apply and remove eyelashes quick, but the hype died down when people realized that 1.) these are not as easy to put on as it looks and 2.) they have a penchant for falling off due to weak magnets. So much for that!

Do you agree with our list? What else are you leaving in 2018?

With images from BeautyMNL