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Five beauty hypes in 2018 that were totally not worth it

At the start of every new year, we look forward to seeing what trends will become popular. Glossy lips? Baby bangs? More foodmetics? All sorts of makeup in Living Coral? Trends come and go and only time will tell which ones would come to define the year ahead. What we know for sure is that we’re saying goodbye to 2018 and its beauty hypes that were just not worth it.

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MAC Autumn-Winter 2012 Trends Presentation

Yesterday I attended the MAC AW12 Trends Presentation at the Mind Museum in The Fort. James Molloy, MAC's Director of Makeup Artisty for the Asia-Pacific Region, visited the country to talk about the latest trends in cosmetics. It's not new for brands to have makeup artists do a demo in an event, but I have to admit that I'm usually bored when this happens. There isn't a lot to learn from them especially when they insist on talking about the same old techniques.

Or maybe I'm just jaded. James Molloy, however, was incredibly inspiring. It was in the way he talked about makeup, the way he moved as he did the models' faces. He's enjoying himself and looked happy just talking about what's new in the makeup world! I really loved how he discussed the inspiration behind the four new looks that MAC has come up for the autumn-winter 2012 season.

There is a sense, a story if you may, behind each look. The first one that James demonstrated is Sense + Sensibility.

The gorgeous model in her to die for dress

Sense + Sensibility is "all about timeless classics done in a modern way - these are elements of makeup that never go out of fashion but simply get reinvented." That's the full brow, the red lip, subtle neutrals, and of course matte skin.

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Makeup looks to try this 2012

I've been googling 2012 trends like crazy lately - for work as well as for personal use. I came across some makeup looks that I find interesting and wearable enough to wear here so I want to share them with you! I'm sure you must already be bored with your usual looks (as am I) so listen up.

Bright pops of color. Bright colors will never really go away - it's just a matter of which color is on trend. For this year it seems that there will be a lot of yellows, aquas, and pinks for summer. I like this exaggerated cat-eye shape with yellow eyeliner on top. The pink lips and lapis nail polish adds to that festive yet utterly sophisticated theme.

The "London Look". Sullen and aloof, Londoners have that untouchable yet polished look down to a science. The hair is a little mussed, with deep-socketed eyes and barely tinted lips.

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What to wear: 2011 Fashion Trends


Last week, Net 25's morning show called Homepage invited me to talk about this year's upcoming fashion trends. Here's what we talked about! Enjoy.

What are the fashion trends or the "in" look for 2011?

If 2010 was all about the resurgence of 80's and early 90's trends, 2011 will be paying a lot of homage to two fashionable decades: the 60's and the 70's. 60's outfits will feature a lot of slim silhouettes, emphasized waists, long skirts and dainty shoes. The is looking like a proper lady.
60s trend
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