2015 Beauty Trends: Lips, Eyes, Face, and Hair

A stylish woman never follows trends to the letter; she lets them guide her and keep her look current, but she is not a slave to them. She chooses what to utilize to express her current mood and story, and discards those that doesn't fit her narrative. It's that simple.

My advice is, don't be pressured to be always on trend but know what the brilliant minds in the beauty (and fashion) industry have to offer at least. You might just love it! I've done a bit of research for you and here are the trends that will rule the year 2015. What are your favorites?

Lips. Many pouts were painted nude or none at all in the Spring/Summer 2015 runways, but there is still a love for fiery, statement colors. It will never really go away as we women love our bright lippies too much! One popular color is red - the fire-engine kind, the more sophisticated berry variation, or dulled and smudged as if kissed all night.

Plum lipstick is also quite hot this upcoming season. Finishes for the lips veer towards satin and shine.

Eyebrows. It's game over for those crazy Pinterest eyebrows! And I am so, so happy to hear that. I never really got on board the sharp arched, too-defined brows that Pinterest spurred many women into sporting last year. It's too unnatural and simply overdone.

This year we go back to barely shaded yet impeccably groomed brows. Just shade them enough to cover gaps - nothing more - then brush them up with a clean spoolie or add a light layer of brow mascara.

Eyeliner. We are also done with the graphic liner designs of yesteryear. Now, eyeliner styles are clean and sharp with a flick in the end. There is an emphasis on the outer half of the eye, when the eyeliner is drawn more heavily as it is winged at the end. This is a classic look made fresh with more toned-down (or barely there) eyeshadow.

Eyeshadows. But lovers of drama, do not fear, for the smoky eye still remains current. Forget about those sharply-defined, drag queen-like smoky eyes though - this time it's smudged and monochromatic. There is something undone yet carefully blended about this year's smoked trend. Don't be scared to go heavy, but wear almost nothing else on your face after.

Purple eyeshadow is also enjoying a lot of attention. Like the smoky eye, it's smudged and monochromatic. It should look loose and carefree, not like you spent an hour putting on your lids. 

Are you getting the feel of 2015 makeup now? Everything must look effortless and far from contrived. Which brings me to the next trend!

Makeup to a minimum. Many runways had their models walk with zero (Marc Jacobs) to very little makeup (as in Chanel, left photo below). Skin is a matte and natural while the eyes have only mascara on them if at all. Lips are uneven and look like they've just been swiped with clear lip balm.

I love this look because it encourages you to be comfortable in your own skin - good or not - and to let your features lie uncovered and uncolored. We all deserve to be accepted for what we look like with or without makeup.

Hair. As for the locks, they are also favoured to be natural. The air-dryed texture is in (left photo below), which looks frizzy yet soft and shiny. Amateur-looking updos with wispy strands are also hot this year. 

Loose wavy curls (think 70s but modern) as well as low pony tails were frequently seen on the runway.

In summary, 2015 beauty trends favor us lazy girls. Okay, maybe not lazy, but just really, really busy! :P I love how everything is about looking artfully undone and looking exactly like yourself, with only the smallest amounts of help. As it should be!

Images are not mine, credit to: Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue