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Three good reasons to switch to the Physiogel Cleanser + a giveaway!

Update: The winners are - Marian Reinhart, Joyce Amonoy, Tayun 박태연, Stacie Noelle Chan, Christine Macalagay. Please email lizlanuzo at projectvanity.com your full name, address, and mobile number with the subject "Physiogel Contest Winner". Congratulations!

We all have a favorite facial wash. It's what we use to cleanse and maintain the behaved version of our skin, but what of bad skin days? Because we will have them, every once in a while. Sometimes we use a new product that irritates, the weather changes, or our hormones act up. When this happens you must wash with something that's gentler and more forgiving.

Why? I believe that it's important to be kind to your skin when it's undergoing an upheaval. Instead of scrubbing to death or nuking it with drying products, sometimes we only need to treat it with kindness! That being sad, here are three good reasons to switch to the Physiogel Cleanser (P333 for 300ml) - on a need-to-use basis, or even permanently. ^_^

1. Use Physiogel when you're breaking out. The cleanser removes dirt and oil effectively with minimal friction, therefore lessening the chances of accidentally angering and popping pimples even more.  

2. Use Physiogel when you're flaking up. The formula is soap-free and is designed with dry skin in mind. This will keep your skin from shedding even more and should hasten the healing process.

The Physiogel Cleanser is mild and soap-free. It doesn't foam up, but it doesn't leave a weird filmy feeling on skin when rinsed or wiped off.

The Physiogel Cleanser is mild and soap-free. It doesn't foam up, but it doesn't leave a weird filmy feeling on skin when rinsed or wiped off.

3. Use Physiogel when you have itchy rashes and cuts. It feels cool and calming on inflamed skin, cleansing it without further irritating it. You can actually use the cleanser for the rest of your body and not just your face.

So there you go, three great functions of the Cleanser! ^_^ Now, if you'd like to win a load of free Physiogel products here, please do join this quick contest. 


1. In the comments below, tell me: "How will you be kinder to your skin this 2015?"

2. Like Physiogel Philippines on Facebook.

3. Follow @lizlanuzo on Instagram.

Image by @Krissyfied on Instagram 

Image by @Krissyfied on Instagram 

And that's it, simple as always. Five lucky people will win a Physiogel kit worth P2,700, which includes 1 Physiogel Cleanser (300 ml), 2 Physiogel Lotions (200 ml), and 2 Physiogel Creams (75 ml).

I will choose the five best answers by January 16.* Looking forward to your entries!

This post is brought to you by Physiogel.

*Contest is open to those with Philippine addresses only.

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