Foodmetics: A buffet of 11 food-inspired beauty products to feast on

In a country that celebrates everything with a handaan, it seems inevitable that most of us have a great love for food. We know that a healthy diet is important for healthy skin but did you that you can do more than just eat your way to better skin? Thanks to vitamins, minerals and other amazing properties, food-based ingredients have become a popular addition to beauty products. The benefits are absorbed directly by the skin and may have a faster effect.

If you’re a foodie or looking to fortify your regimen without ruining your diet, here are some food-inspired products (or what Koreans call foodmetics) you may want to binge on!

Aloe Vera

Using this spiky plant for beauty is one of the secrets passed down with each generation of Pinays, and it has even gained popularity as a refreshing drink on hot days, with bits of aloe flesh suspended in sweet juice. If you don’t have access to a garden or feel put off by the distinct smell as I am, you can just buy a tub of aloe-infused skincare goodness!

Made into a multipurpose gel, you can slather it on your face, hair, and all over your body without burning a hole in your pocket. I use the Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel 92% (P298 at Tony Moly stores) to moisturize and cool down my skin, and the huge 300ml tub lasts a long time. Follow it up with another layer of moisture in the form of the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Mask Sheets (P98 at Tony Moly), which provides a more intensive cooling and hydrating experience.


Have you ever tried applying an egg white mask on your face to remove blackheads and tighten pores? It actually works! Eggs contain a protein called albumin, which the oil and clogs in skin stick to so that they also get removed when you clean up. Using raw egg can be a messy and somewhat smelly experience though, so it’s easier to use something like W.Lab’s Egg Pore Mask (P100 from Althea), an easy-to-use sheet mask that cleans and tightens pores while giving a boost of moisture!


When I tried going on a skincare diet last year, I stuck to a regimen of all honey products and it’s my best skincare experience to date! Honey has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties while being hydrating and soothing, so it’s especially ideal for acne-prone skin. It even works well as a facial cleanser! To get its full effect though, it’s best to allow it to sit on your skin so it can be absorbed better. W.Lab’s Honey Beam Mask (P100 from Althea) offers a non-sticky solution that also contains propolis and royal jelly for firm and glowing skin.

Coconut Oil

The tree of life will take care of our whole being, from head to toe! Its oil is famous for its many health and beauty benefits, and we particularly love how well it cleanses and nourishes skin. That’s why it’s the key ingredient of our In Her Element Nourish and Cleanse Balm (P595 at, which we designed as a multipurpose balm that you can use as a lip balm, dry spot treatment, and eye makeup remover!


Cleopatra was said to have maintained beautifully flawless skin by taking milk baths, and there’s actually some real wisdom behind that story. Milk contains lactic acid, a type of AHA that gently exfoliates and whitens the skin leaving it soft and smooth. If you don’t have the budget to sit in a tub of milk, you can opt to apply TonyMoly’s Naturalth Goat Milk Whitening Toner (P1,348 from TonyMoly) followed by W.Lab’s Milk Protein Mask (P200 from Althea) for skin worthy of a queen.


Here’s one instance when asking for extra rice won’t make you feel guilty. Rice water (water used to soak rice) and fermented rice (which is used to create sake or soju) are great for evening out the skintone. Skinfood’s Peach Sake Silk Finish Powder (about P600 at Althea) makes use of rice’s skin brightening and adds peaches into the mixture to nourish skin with vitamins A and C.


Can an apple a day keeps the pimple marks away? Sounds crazy but could very well be true true. Apples are a rich source of vitamin C and AHAs that create a potent combo for removing dead skin and revealing a more radiant complexion. The AHA Wash Cleansing by Cleansing Research (about P400 at at Pure Beauty and SM Beauty stories) is #1 on Japanese beauty forum, Cosme, because of its unique and effective formula. It contains tiny, water-soluble scrubs to provide both physical and chemical exfoliation without feeling harsh on the skin.


It’s a popular scent note in perfumes but did you know that it’s good for the skin as well? This citrus fruit contains antioxidants and vitamins A and C that make it a good addition to anti-aging products. It also naturally contains salicylic acid to keep nasty pimples away! Happy Skin’s Zit Zapper ZZ Second Skin Cream (P1,299 from Happy Skin stores) contains grapefruit and yoghurt extract, which makes it an ideal face base for acne-prone skin.


Even as a beverage, tea is known and valued for its rich antioxidant content. Applied topically, it helps to keep skin looking young and radiant. Origins’ Mind Over Maté Invigorating Cleansing Body Mask (P1,850 from Origins stores) utilizes the clarifying properties of tea for revitalized, vibrant and clear skin.

Time to treat yourself to a skin care buffet! Do you use products that contain food ingredients? What are your favorite "food-metics"?

Photography by Sam Gonzales