You need these cheap multipurpose gels in your life

I’m not exactly sure when they started popping up but today we are spoiled for choices when it comes to multipurpose gel moisturizers. These giant tubs are EVERYWHERE and on top of that, they are sooooo cheap for the amount of product that you get. But before you reach for your wallet, let these two questions guide your purchase: which variant should you get, and just how multipurpose is multipurpose?

The most common variant of all is aloe. As an ingredient, aloe is best known for its soothing and mild healing properties. Most gels are already pretty cooling in nature, but aloe provides an extra refreshing sensation when applied to the skin. Thus it is often used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant in skincare.

Try: Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (P245), Tony Moly Pure Eco 92% Aloe Gel (P348), Naturals by Watsons 99% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (P149)

Snail, on the other hand, is known to be rich in humectants and emollients, which moisturize and soften the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins, and peptides which are beneficial for restore and repair. Snail mucus may sound a little gross to put on your face but it does have scientifically proven anti-aging benefits.

Try: Luxe Organix Snail Soothing Gel (P399), Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel  (P548)

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We’re a little lacking for options when it comes to rose water gels in this side of the globe, but it is one variant to watch out for especially if you have acne prone skin. Rose water has the ability to reduce bacteria on skin and decrease inflammation while simultaneously boosting its moisture. For that matter, you can also use rose water around the eyes to reduce any sort of redness, darkness, and puffiness that lack of sleep or heart wrenching dramas can bring.

Try: Mamonde Rose Water Gel (P400 at Althea PH)

Now bamboo may not be as popular as the rest, but it does have an edge when it comes to increasing the skin’s elasticity, thanks to its silica content. As we age, our skin loses its tautness and suppleness due to its degenerating ability to retain moisture. Silica slows down that degeneration, thereby helping your skin keep its youthful firmness. Fun fact: your body needs silica to create and maintain collagen a.k.a. the protein that we’re all familiar with that’s responsible for making our skin youthful and wrinkle-free.

Try: The Face Shop Damyang 99% Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel (P295)

Comparing the feel and texture of each variant, you won’t really notice a huge difference between these four. They’re all cooling, easy to absorb, and they don’t leave the same sticky residues as cream moisturizers – hence making them the better choice during summer months. The scent depends largely on the brand that you’re using, but rose water is naturally the clear winner if you’re comparing natural fragrance.

As for being multipurpose, they’re most commonly used as face and body moisturizers but they can also work as:

  • Hydrating primer, right before you apply your makeup
  • After-shave and after-wax gel to sooth the skin 
  • Non-sticky hair styling gel if you find most commercial gels irritate your scalp
  • Eye mask. Soak a piece of cotton with the gel and use as you would a slice of cucumber
  • Insect bite-soother

Personally, I like using Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel to moisturize my nails, hair, and body. I also notice that mosquito bites are less itchy and irritating when I apply this over the area. Not bad for the number of uses I enjoy, considering most of these products cost under P300 for a tub!

Are you a fan of multipurpose gels? What’s the best one you’ve tried and recommend that we add to our skincare arsenal?