New finds from Tony Moly

Authenticity is the highest form of currency on the Internet. Through it, reputations rise and fall, followers are gained and lost. In fact it is so highly valued that "faux-authenticity" is the norm now, wherein people try to pass off the best parts of their life as representative of the rest of their life. Don't they find this exhausting? Why not spend all that energy on actually making their life as awesome as what they make it seem online? If all they post are pretty, labored #flatlays of stuff but their house is a complete mess then perhaps they should work on cleaning their house first.

But then again, you don't get virtual high fives from the Internet for doing something so mundane and boring, however useful. They would rather fake it until they make it or just fade away into obscurity.

Anyway! Today I want to quickly talk about a few Tony Moly finds. These are what I've been testing from the brand lately. ^_^

As you know, the Koreans have gotten their kilay game perfected YEARS ago. The Tony Moly Lovely Eye Brow Pencil is no exception. It has a creamy texture (not too dry) and the shade I have is ideal for my red-brown hair color. I like that it colors quickly and cleanly, although it has to be blended away with the spoolie end for a softer finish. But then again, that's up to you. I like my brows soft so I blend a lot no matter the product.

Staying power is pretty good. It doesn't fade much on me even after five straight hours of wear!

The Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel is possibly the most interesting skincare product I have come across in a while. It promises to have 90% of snail secretion filtrate, which is an ingredient culled from the slime trails that lab-grown snails leave in their wake. Yes, Virginia, real snails. Snail slime supposedly helps to hydrate skin effectively, as well as heal acne and wrinkles.

I don't use this on my face because I'm not brave enough, but it's nice on my body. The texture of the gel is very light and it gets easily absorbed. I've finished a tub of the Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel before (loved it!) so I'm willing to give this one a chance. I just wish it doesn't smell strongly of detergent. What an odd scent, huh?

My skin feels soft after using this but not considerably so compared to other body moisturisers. I suppose people would get this more for the novelty than the promised function!

The Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Toner is in line with the new Asian take on toners. Instead of harsh, liquid products more for cleansing than actually toning, the Moisture Toner has a milky appearance and a creamy yet runny texture. It looks like serum, but it's not a serum. This is for prepping the skin right before moisturizer, perking it up in preparation for the next layers of skincare.

It feels very refreshing on the skin and smells quite pleasant too.  ^_^

And that's it for my capsule reviews! Anything you've been trying out from Tony Moly lately? How's it going?