Candy for your lips: The Yadah Auto Lip Crayon

You've probably already seen Korean brand Yadah in Beauty Bar, but chances are your eyes slid past it towards sparklier, more popular names. Well, let me give you a quick introduction then! ^_^ I'll be reviewing more of the Yadah's products soon so  there's no better time.

Yadah is a Hebrew word that means "wisdom". This Korean brand wants to protect pure and clean skin by making products that are hypoallergenic, plant-derived, and with the least amount of chemicals as possible. The packaging is cute and colorful to appeal to a younger generation, but make no mistake, their skincare is created in the Seoul National University laboratory, clinically tested at Yonsei University Hospital and approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration. Yadah has been churning out cute, effective, and affordable products since 2009!

I have the full skincare line which I'll talk about another time, but for now, have a gander at the Yadah Auto Lip Crayon (P375). The colors are surprisingly on point for a brand targeting a younger market. I mean, yes, the lippies smell and taste a bit like cotton candy - sweet like teen spirit I imagine - but the colors I have are grown up and sophisticated. The price is nice, too!

The Yadah Auto Lip Crayon has a twist-up mechanism so it saves you time and effort from actually sharpening the tip. Pigmentation is good; it'll take only two layers to get you an opaque color. Staying power is average at three hours without eating and drinking; the lighter colors will fade more unevenly than the darker ones. The formula is hydrating enough for me though so I don't mind retouching.

Here are the two colors I have!

Rose Beige is a warm, dolly pink that's great for fair to medium skin. It's a nice everyday color with a bit of punch; it's not too serious of an MLBB but it's not too bright either. This is a shade that can take years off your complexion!

Plum Burgundy doesn't look plum at all to me, but it might pass off as burgundy in person. In any case it's a glossy red I can get behind because it visibly brightens up my skin AND teeth. I'd say it's more of an evening or special occasions color, but no one will call you out should you decide to wear this in broad daylight with chic minimalist makeup. ;)

And that is that. I hope I was able to pique your interest with Yadah! Do check out what the brand has to offer next time you visit Beauty Bar. ^_^ You can find eyeliners, lippies, BB creams, mists, hand creams, complete skincare lines, and loads of cute pouches there.

Have you seen Yadah in Beauty Bar? What caught your eye?