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New cushions, lipsticks, and masks: Avon says annyeong with its own K-beauty collection

In just a few short years, the Philippines went from having just a couple of Etude House stores to having more Korean brand and product options than we can keep up with! If all the oppas visiting the country doesn’t convince you (looking at you, Park Seo Jun and Lee Dong Wook), maybe this will: even the big names in Western beauty brands are getting into the K-beauty craze! The latest to ride the Hallyu wave is none other than Avon, a well-loved beauty brand that secured its spot in our kikay kits and dressers long before Watsons even became a thing. 

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A die-hard Pony fan reviews Pony Effect makeup (it’s now in PH!)

I grew up watching a lot K-beauty YouTubers. Everything I know about makeup and skincare, I learned from them (and Project Vanity, of course!). One of my top beauty idols is Hye-Min Park or Pony Syndrome, who is hands down the most famous makeup artist of the K-beauty world! She works with the biggest K-pop idols like 2NE1 and Wonder Girls, and has even released a few books. And then three years ago, she launched Pony Effect, her very own makeup line. 

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A K-Beauty Review: The new Covericious bases from Banila Co

Just when we thought that the K-beauty base hype has died down, something new and shiny came along and piqued our curiosity. The spotlight is on Banila Co’s recently released Covericious Power Fit line, which promises long wear, buildable coverage, and high skin adherence. What really intrigued me is that these beauty bases are formulated with hydrolized collagen for additional hydrating properties that cling better to the skin than regular collagen. As someone with dry skin that’s prone to flaking, I definitely needed to test that out!

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Here's what to expect from blk’s new K-beauty collection

Say annyeong once more as blk Cosmetics releases a second K-beauty collection! Inspired by Anne Curtis’s love for Korean teleseryes, the homegrown brand released their first K-beauty collection last year featuring a mix of best-selling favorites and some new items all in dreamy K-beauty shades. The second collection follows pretty much the same strategy, so it’s no wonder fans immediately snapped it up. As soon as it was launched on April 1, a handful of SKUs immediately sold out online and in-store, well ahead of the official media launch on April 2!

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Why this weird K-beauty jelly face primer is my new HG

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with silicone-y primers for the longest time. They either leave my skin feeling like it’s been covered in fast food grease, or cause me to break out into tiny hives on the same day I use them. I recently experienced a bout of  hormonal acne and extra oily skin due to my PCOS though, so I was once again in the market for a primer that didn’t feel like an extra thicc coat of french fry grease.

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I tried GOT7’s top three beauty products from The Face Shop - here's my honest review!

Reading Tellie’s generational beauty brand guide struck me a lot because I saw how effective the Korean marketing strategy was on me. I used to like wandering around The Face Shop when I was younger, and desperately wanted to get that ink lippie that Suzy Bae was endorsing at the time. Now, I feel like I’ve graduated with her and have come a long way to a rosy, Lancome lippie-wearing path.

But I guess we never really outgrow our “bias”. If Frankie has BTS and Stacie has Seventeen, Gett has GOT7!

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How to get the glass skin effect in five easy steps

When K-beauty first started gaining popularity a few years back, I was one of the many who became obsessed with the idea of glass skin. Also known as chok chok, this look is all about a complexion that’s bright, smooth, and glowy! One look at any K-idol is enough to understand why this became such a craze. While you can cheat a little with strategically placed concealer and a lot of highlighter, skincare is the real foundation to this look.

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Generational Beauty: A guide to Korean beauty brands by age group

When I first went to Korea to study makeup, I expected to be swamped by K-Beauty brands, idol endorsements, and their collectibles. And while that was certainly true, I honestly didn’t expect for luxury Western brands to have a place of respect among my friends and makeup instructors.

For Koreans, beauty brands follow a pretty tight market classification - a pecking order, if you will. They tend to look at consumers in terms of age, and will cater very specifically to each group. Koreans have a word (dae) which means “generation” and pertains to the age bracket that a person falls under: teens, twenties, and so on.

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The Face Shop Ink Lasting: Is Korea’s favorite new foundation worth the hype?

Guess what my favorite lip tint, eyebrow pencil, and vitamin C serum have in common? They’re all from K-Beauty brands that I’ve discovered over the past few years! No doubt about it, I’m a fan of how a lot of Asian Beauty (AB) products fit my needs and deliver results, at very decent price points. Even then, my go-to foundation products came from Western and local brands. I dislike being biased, but I generally find K-Beauty foundations to have limited shade selections, unflattering cool undertones (at least on me), and “dewy” finishes that make my face look like a major oil slick.

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How to get the Korean Girl Crush look

Late last year, the PV Team chat was in a tizzy when we realized that B. by BANILA became available online. Some of us (the identity of whom begins with an S and ends with AMANTHA) may have even bought a couple or more items. While B. by BANILA has been available both online and offline for quite some time, they only officially launched last May 8.

Banila Co, the mother brand, strives to create “skincare for makeup” – or skincare that’s so good, you wouldn’t need makeup! With that in mind, their product offerings tend to focus on skincare and a few base products. To complete the look, they created the sister brand B. by BANILA to mold the complete package of a “girl crush.”

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We swatched everything! This is how blk Cosmetics does K-beauty

When blk Cosmetics launched in 2017, Anne Curtis wanted to keep makeup simple and uncomplicated. Their initial lineup proved promising and versatile as can be seen in Tellie’s tutorial for creating a K-beauty look for glasses with the blk Cosmetics Highlight, Blush, and Contour Palette. I nabbed the limited edition lipsticks released for Anne’s wedding, and like using the two shades for a gradient lip look.

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K-Beauty Hack: This is why Koreans like using real pencils on their eyebrows

If you're part of a Facebook beauty group, chances are you saw the viral post of a Staedtler pencil (used for drawing) was used as eyebrow pencil. While most people might be amused then dismiss it as another crazy hack, I was reminded of an old Get It Beauty episode that featured the famous Korean makeup artists Son Daesik and Park Taeyoon of Son&Park fame. They talked about how they actually use Prismacolour Ebony Pencils for drawing eyebrows!

Fellow writer Kristel (who was based in Seoul for a time) has also mentioned seeing this art material in Olive Young stores and its popularity among Koreans beauty fans - they consider this to be the perfect gray brow pencil. As someone who likes to sketch in her spare time, I was intrigued by this concept so dipped into my pencil case of art materials and decided to try it for myself!

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This new K-Beauty drugstore makeup brand is surprisingly good

Just as KBeauty is starting to take a stronghold in the Philipines, we welcome another new KBeauty brand: L.O.C.K. Color Cosmetics! The packaging is fun and quirky, with anime-like characters and modern cityscapes adorning the matte black boxes; it looks like it was geared for a younger, hip audience.

Normally, expectations are lowered with this kind of marketing. Younger people don’t need hard-working makeup because they have better skin - that’s just fact. Still, every little swatch changed my mind and I can’t wait to tour you guys around the products! 

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This is how to avoid buying fake K-beauty products

Late last year, I came across the news of a Malaysian woman getting severe allergy from using a fake Nature Republic 92% Aloe Gel. To say that I was scared shitless that my favorite moisturizer was getting counterfeited may sound like an exaggeration but that’s exactly how I feel about Korean cosmetics getting faked. It’s already difficult enough to try not to buy fake US cosmetics; counterfeit Korean cosmetics are much harder to recognize!

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Budget Beauty: How to get glass skin with products under P500

If you've ever watched a K-drama or seen photos of K-idols, you probably noticed how incredibly smooth and flawless their skin looks. No pores, blemishes, or uneven coloring - they're almost too perfect to be real! The glass skin trend is pretty common among Korean stars though, and this ‘’dewy skin made dewier" look has become the ultimate #skingoals for many. 

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How to fake a K-beauty glow (even when your skin isn't having any of it)

I got horribly sick the week before Christmas. Weak and stuck in bed with a high fever, doing my skincare routine was simply out of the question and my skin began acting up. Pimples appeared on my forehead, nose, and chin while a scaly rash spread over my left cheek. By the time I was well enough to get into the groove again, I looked like a hot mess and didn’t have much time to fix my skin before attending various holiday parties.

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