Mask to the next level with the new Origins RitualiTea Line

This is the year I truly, unequivocally, understood the power of masks. Whenever my skin throws out a curveball now, my solution would always involve a mask or two. Have I got dull, dry, and/or troubled skin? Sheets are my BFF. Too oily with blocked pores? Mud is my best bet. I might have gone on a masking rampage this 2016 but I have no regrets!

I am pleased to find out that Origins is once again ready to fuel my - erm - addiction with two recently released mask formulas that take my little habit to the next level. Meet the RitualiTea line! It features the new Cleansing Body Mask and Powder Face Mask in four different variants: 

  • Mind Over Maté for normal skin - With Yerba Maté & Citrus, it revitalizes as it helps clarify. Skin feels invigorated. Looks clear, vibrantly alive.
  • Feeling Rosy for troubled, reddened skin - With Rooibos Tea & Rose, it helps replenish skin to leave it feeling positively rejuvenated, youthfully soft and smooth.
  • Oolong La for oily skin - With Oolong Black Tea & Chai Spices, this gently exfoliates and helps absorb excess oil. Skin looks and feels clean, clear and smooth. 
  • Matcha Madness for dry skin - With Matcha & Green Tea, it helps revitalize and restore a smooth, even texture. Skin feels relaxed and renewed. 

At the launch, I got to choose what to take home. I went with the Mind Over Maté with Yerba Maté & Citrus since I love citrus-scented skincare!

The Mind Over Maté Invigorating Cleansing Body Mask (P1,850) is a delight to use in the shower. It has the kilig orange scent I look for to perk up my mood but more than that, it exfoliates my skin gently and thoroughly with sugar beads. Very little goes a long way - I just need a 25 cent-sized amount per limb! Surprisingly, it produces a rich lather so I can use it as a regular body wash but when I want to maximize it as a mask, I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing.

The only problem would be that the formula sort of stiffens in storage, so Origins recommends that the tube be run under warm water to get it ready for use. Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward to squeeze out.

I enjoy how smooth and soft my skin feels after a full body masking session. It's a treat for me whenever I'm stressed out!

The Mind Over Maté Invigorating Powder Face Mask (P2,400) is another fascinating development from Origins. Made primarily from ground oats infused with tea and citrus powders and oils, it is not a clay mask. I think it's my first time to try an oat mask! Oats are famous for their skin calming and hydrating properties so this makes sense. The other ingredients help to brighten the skin, as promised in the label.

It's easy to use: I just mix a 1:1 ratio of powder and water in a clean saucer then I apply it with either my fingers or a facial brush. It sounds like extra hassle I know, but the whole process is relaxing and actually quite quick to do! The mask sort of bubbles up a bit which is fun to watch and makes it easier to apply. The texture, when mixed properly, is supposed to be fluffy and thick. I leave the mask on for ten minutes and then rinse it off with running water.

My skin feels soft and bright immediately, and whatever angry pimples I have seem to calm down a bit after the mask. I just have to note that the mask smells like - and I'm not kidding - soup! Like barley soup, perhaps, with some aromatics. While the Mind Over Mate powder starts off with a citrus smell, the Origins description mentions that it really does smell more earthy and aromatic when wet. It doesn't bother me but I wish it smells like the body mask throughout the process. It is strange to be putting soup-smelling mask on my face but hey, if it's supposed to be like that then it should be fine!

Overall, I enjoy both the Body Mask and the Powder Mask. I've been using both as a treat to my skin regularly since I got them almost two months ago! I like the ceremony involved, which I feel really sets these products apart from quicker applications. How about you, what do you think of incorporating a body mask and powder face mask in your routine? 

Origins is available in SM Makati, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales