Staff Picks: The prettiest products in our vanities right now

Brands have different approaches to how they approach their packaging: some prefer to keep it sleek and minimalist while others go all out in making their products as cute and attractive as possible. While we mostly prioritize performance and function, there are times when we just can’t help but fall in love with pretty products! Today, we dish on what sits on proud display at our vanities and make our beauty routine feel extra special:

Liz: Bobbi Brown sets its packaging apart by being effortlessly elegant yet professional-looking. Some brands can make their products look too pretty to the point that they're almost ornamental, but Bobbi Brown does a good job of mixing form and function! I love how the Wine Eye Palette and Brightening Brick in Naked look, feel, and - this counts quite a bit in my book - apply on my face. These are my workhorses for a quick, glowy FOTD!

Den: I received this T. LeClerc Loose Powder Limited Edition Starbox Swarovski as college graduation gift many years ago! I’ve since replaced the translucide powder with a different brand but even though it comes with a velvet traveling pouch, I prefer to only use it at home so it’s sure to stay safe. My other fave eye candy is this Petal Multi-Use Oil from Urban Outfitters. The flowers and dropper applicator make using it feel like a luxurious treat, plus it smells amazing!

Katsy: I'm a total sucker for pretty packaging. I actually had a hard time choosing my products for this edition of staff picks so I went with quantity. Third time's the charm right? The orange and gold detailing of Tory Burch Lip Colors are simply lovely; I can't stop staring at them. You wouldn't even know that they're made out of plastic! I also can never get enough of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I still keep my empty bottles just because. And the Guerlain Automatique packaging is an engineering marvel. It's also sleek and luxe, which is a huge bonus. Runners up would be my Narsissist Unfiltered I cheek palette, the Shiseido Ultimune duo, and the Guerlain Rouge G in Parade. Red and gold will always hold a special place in my heart.

Jenn: Korean cushions usually have the most beautiful designs and this one from Sooryehan with its femininely floral design is the prettiest in my current collection. I'm really looking forward to more pretty cushion covers!

Charlie: I'm a self-confessed lip balm addict and more often than not, it’s the fancy packaging that draws me. This Skin Food Honeypot Lip Balm really looks like a mini pot of sweet gold honey with a matching honey dipper that conveniently functions as a lip balm applicator. It smells a bit like the real thing, too! This is probably the coolest-looking beauty item and lip balm I own. I wish I had my sister buy all the colors from Korea because it's too pretty.

Marielle: Okay, so it's not pretty in the "bells and whistles" sense of aesthetics but I'm a sucker for the sleekness of the Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks by Marc Jacobs Beauty. The shiny black tube with the magnetic closure makes a resounding click, and I'm surprised that the sturdy case hasn't gotten scratched up in my makeup kit after staying there for days. I guess I'm attracted to the beauty of its simplicity!

Stacie: I am an avid fan of Kbeauty, which is known for really cute packaging, but surprisingly the prettiest item in my vanity is Too Faced's Chocolate Bar palette! It makes my small vanity box look more beautiful plus it actually smells like chocolates so it stimulates my appetite every time I use it.

Angela: I like the minimalist aesthetic. My eyes are drawn to white, black, and gold so these two gorgeous bottles from Estee Lauder make my heart happy. These pretty bottles make my dresser look extra special.

Kim: My heart still flutters everytime I see the Tarte Colorwheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette in my collection. I mean look at it! 10 gorgeous blush shades encased in gold and purple. I almost never want to put it down.

What are the prettiest products in your vanity? Let us know in the comments!