Eight cosmetics brands with the cutest packaging

Did you know that only around 10-15% of the money you pay for makeup goes toward the actual product? The remaining 85% of the price tag goes to product development, taxes and tariffs, overhead costs, marketing, and you guessed it – packaging. How well a product performs is of course a huge factor which pushes us to make a purchase. However, it is the packaging that catches our eye and makes us consider the brand to begin with! Do you agree?

Either way, we've made a list of makeup brands with packaging that screams “pretty” all over! Tell us if your favorites made the cut!


Starting with the best of the best, Benefit is consistently on top of the game when it comes to fun, hip, and cute packaging! From the product name, the packaging, store design, and even the boxes of holiday beauty sets – whatever they come up with is genius. Have you noticed how each product has a unique look but they all have that distinct Benefit signature look to them? They are rocking pastels and metallics so well!

Happy Skin

Happy Skin is like our local Benefit when it comes to packaging. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s cheeky, and the clever names of their products always trigger a giggle. The formula to their design is fairly simple but it works. Playful prints + gorgeous typography = Instagram-ready makeup!


If you’ve been reading PV for a long time, then you’re probably familiar with Snoe. This proudly Filipino cosmetic brand is well-known for their hair care productsmultipurpose oils, and even a contour powder – all named and marketed in the wittiest way. Snoe’s designs remind me of the vintage pin-up doll era. If I had to describe Snoe’s brand in two words, it would be frisky and clever!


Now theBalm is as vintage as vintage can get! This hip, fun, and flirty makeup brand is not for the tame gal. Apart from their cutesy art pop packaging, I adore how their bestselling multi-use palettes are designed for travel true to their "beauty in five minutes" philosophy. The light yet sturdy cardboard packaging doesn’t feel cheap at all and is an absolute winner in my book.

Image via charlenejudith.com

Image via charlenejudith.com

Etude House

Walking into Etude House transforms me into a modern day princess. Seriously, how sweet and dainty are these Etude House products? It’s like an explosion of pink cuteness! Everything from their line deserves to be on display on your vanity just so you could admire how cute and pretty these are.

Pixi by Petra

If you’re the type to favor sleekness and minimalism in your makeup with a touch of whimsy, then London brand Pixi by Petra should be on your radar. All boxes have the Pixi logo stamped in gold in a mint green background – such a lovely color combination! Imagine a wedding in this theme!

Human Heart Nature

Human Heart Nature is on the opposite side of the spectrum as their product packaging scheme is all about “more is more”.  Notice how they maximize the bottle to feed you all the information right away from the star ingredient to the amount of product. Clever marketing strategy is what it is! HHN knows that not everyone reads the fine print so eye-catching visuals and pops of color are the way to go.

Pink Sugar

They might be new to the makeup scene, but Pink Sugar enjoyed a successful debut thanks in no small part to their appealing packaging. It’s such a girly brand what with all the pastels, prints, patterns, and scripts. The compacts and tubes themselves are in a sleek black, but the boxes are worth keeping if only for their cuteness.

Whew, that was quite a long list! But we’re so glad that there’s no shortage of prettifiers that actually look pretty themselves. Did I miss out on any brand you like? Let us know which items we need to pick up next!