Capsule review: Pixi Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Have you tried anything from Pixi yet? If not, you're seriously missing out. This cosmetics brand from London has many hidden gems such as the Flawless Beauty Primer, the Tinted Brilliance Balm, and their ultra-creamy eyeliners. I use them regularly! The products are a bit pricey but not that expensive considering the quality IMHO. They're definitely worth checking out at Glamourbox.

Soooo today I want to show you Pixi's Spring Summer 2015 Collection. The dream team isn't the typical take on the season in terms of color, but focuses more on practical products that we can use everyday. I love it! I'm on board with basics I can add to my collection. I adore color, but I also love having reliable things to use in this weather. It's not like I have a lot of time to primp beyond the basics anyway

You'll be pleased to know that Pixi now has the Brow Powder Palette, Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo, LipLift Max, and Glow Mist. Here's a quick review of each one!

Pixi Brow Palette.jpg

Let's begin with the star of the show, the Pixi Brow Powder Palette (P750). This features five matte colors for defining and highlighting the brows. The shades are perfectly chosen to suit any hair color you might have, dark or light, blonde, red or brunette - name it, you can mix it with this palette! It can be used dry for softer brows but it's best applied with a wet brush to achieve amazing (yet still subtle) definition.

This brow powder stays on all freakin' day even when I've been sweaty. It fades but not noticeably so; it doesn't melt off in the heat and humidity. The brush that comes with it is serviceable but far from the best though. I just use a thicker brush with natural hair for better results.

Swatch of the Pixi Brow Powder Palette / Top is a dry swatch, bottom is a wet swatch

Swatch of the Pixi Brow Powder Palette / Top is a dry swatch, bottom is a wet swatch

I usually mix the light brown and the red brown as a base color, then place the chocolate brown where I have gaps in my brows. I use the charcoal black to define choice edges particularly under my arch. Yeah it's trickier to use four colors for just one set of brows but I promise that you'll get better-looking results! Do experiment to see what combination works best for you. ^_^

You can also use this palette as eyeshadow and eyeliner, which makes it more sulit versus other eyebrow products out there. You just need to put your brushes to work and to wear eye primer. It's a great find, something that I highly recommend even if you're not a makeup artist. I've been using it since I got it weeks ago!


My next favorite is the Pixi Endlessly Silky Eye Instensify Duo in Brown (P890). This is a double-ended pencil with a deep plummy brown on one side and a champagne on the other. This is less creamy than the other Pixi liners I've tried, but goes on a lot more opaque. It also doesn't smudge or smear on me all day.

I love using the champagne on my waterline just to bring some sparkle to my eyes. The brown is also exciting since it's not a flat brown; it almost looks plum in some lighting, and is such a rich flattering color on my skin tone.

The Pixi LipLift Max (P790) is a clear plumping lip gloss with a minty tingle. It delivers on its promised effect - my lips do look poutier! - but it's a thick gloss. It wears well and doesn't slide off, you just have to be prepared for how it coats the lips in a snug blanket of gloss. In this look, I wore it on top of a lip liner to get a defined shape + volume.

Last but not least is the Pixi Glow Mist (P950). This contains Propolis and Argan Oil to hydrate the skin whenever it needs some lovin'. I love spraying this on my face this after I've applied my foundation, so that the finish looks more skin-like rather than puff pastry haha. It does give a glow. Contrary to what it sounds like it doesn't make me oily at all as the oil to water ratio is very low. 

The Glow Mist is a great way to freshen up skin in this heat without disturbing the makeup. It gives off a super fine mist with a pleasant clean smell. 

Overall, I love the Pixy SS15 Collection and would recommend it to anyone who needs to amp up on their makeup basics. ^_^ If you can just get one product, get the Brow Powder Palette! It's really sulit plus it looks amazing. 

Eyeing anything from the collection?

Pixi is exclusively distributed by Glamourbox in the Philippines.