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Splurge vs Save: Which eyebrow peel-off tint is better, K-Palette or Maybelline?

In the era post-2000s bushy brow revival, there are #blessed girls... and then there’s me.

Ladies and gentlefolk, I will not mince words: my brows are a pair of jerks. While practice has allowed me to more-or-less perfect the rest of my makeup routine (even the dreaded winged liner causes me no anxiety), the very thought of having to shape my brows has me exhausted. Not only are they sparse to begin with - they’re also very uneven and ridiculously unruly. While getting K-pop bangs has helped my struggles some, I still spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort getting my eyebrows anywhere close to presentable. In fact, I was even tempted to spring for microblading, if only to cut down on my daily prep time. Unfortunately, my fear of needles trumped my need for better arches.

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Which brow product should you use for your brow type?

In recent years, Pinays have become more and more kilay-conscious. It used to be that the general pulse for minimum makeup was face powder and lip gloss but now, many women swear that they'd never leave home without drawing their brows on. I feel naked without them is an oft-heard sentiment, followed by the overused but appropriate #kilayislife.

This rings particularly true for those with less than perfect eyebrows, a.k.a. 99% of the population. We try our best to copy the on-fleek looks we see in YouTube videos and on Instagram but the truth is, technique is only one part of the solution. It's also important to know which is the right type of brow product for your particular condition. Today, we tackle the most common eyebrow problems and the best ways to fill them in!

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Benefit Cosmetics Week: Gimme Brows in Medium/Dark

Sigh, I'm right in the middle of having them one of those insanely busy days. But, I always have time to blog! Even if it's just 30 minutes. :P Today I'd like to show you the Benefit Gimme Brows Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel (P1,000+). I remember loving the Brow Zings so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this one. 

Gimme Brows promises to define, shape, and volumize your brows in go. True enough, this does it for me! It's long-wearing too and hardly fades even when I'm out all day. It's pretty easy to use with such a small wand - you get a lot of room to shade small sparse areas and to build them up in segments if you wish.

The texture is watery and coverage is sheer upon initial application. It's definitely not your typical brow mascara in that regard! Others would be thick so you can't really go back to re-do certain areas, plus they rather dry up quickly. Gimme Brows is buildable and gives me enough time to work with it. 

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Ellana Mineral Eyebrow/ Eyeshadow Quad

I think I'm over my strong eyebrow phase. I currently prefer softer arches that make my face look less "done", if you know what I mean! I've given up my pens, creams, and even pencils to do my brows, instead relying on powder products to sculpt them to my liking. They're also quicker to work with and require less care when it comes to application.  

That said, my current favorite brow product is the Ellana Mineral Eyebrow/ Eyeshadow Quad (P350). This is technically pressed mineral eyeshadow, but the colors are intended to mix beautifully to create your perfect eyebrow match. Whether you're a brunette, blonde, or redhead, you can get brows close to your current hair color. Oh, and have a neutral everyday eyeshadow palette to boot!

Pigmentation and finish. The colors are pigmented when used as eyeshadow, but softer over eyebrows. Weird no? But it works! I use a large, bushy angled brush (from Ellana also) to apply this on my brows. Perhaps because the brush is synthetic, I'm not getting too much pigmentation from this palette. The finish is a creamy matte that looks totally natural. 

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