Six of my favorite foundation brushes

Your hands are your best tools when applying wet foundation, but brushes offer convenience, precision, and even speed when applying both powder and liquid bases. I prefer to use brushes when I'm doing someone else's makeup because it simplifies the process. On myself, I use them when I'm looking for a finer, more photogenic finish. They're also best with dense, problematic foundations that cake up if only the fingers are used to put them on.

Best foundation brushes.jpg

And so, here are some of my favorite tools for applying foundation! You'll see some of my old favourites here. I haven't really acquired new brushes in the last few months because I'm already happy with what I have. Besides, they're supposed to last for a long time! Tools should be well-loved and equally well-taken care of. ^_^

Zoeva Luxe Face Definer. I love this for applying powder foundation and finishing powder. It's also a great all-around brush since it can also function as a blush and contour applicator.

Soffia All Over Face Brush. This is quite expensive but it's the most luxurious brush I own! The hair on it is super soft and fine, yet so densely packed. I use this also for applying powder foundation, especially mineral formulas. It spreads the product beautifully and quickly.

Estee Lauder Foundation Brush. The brand aside, paddle foundation brushes like this are a must for patting on and building up sheer foundations. They can also be used for applying contour and powder makeup.

Best foundation brushes 3.jpg

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. This is a lovely, compact brush for applying runny/watery foundation with sheer to mid coverage. It gives me a smooth finish and allows me to get into the corners of my face.

Beauty Cosmetics Multi-Task Brush. This is such a steal at P250! I like using it to apply my mineral foundation as it's perfect for the swirl-tap-buff routine required of MMUs.

Zoeva Concealer Buffer. This was designed for concealers in mind, but I like using it to blend out small areas where my foundation might have streaked. It's also great for adding coverage on spots and things so that I don't need to pick up a concealer anymore.

Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge. This unassuming egg-shaped sponge is one of the best open secrets when it comes to applying liquid and cream foundation. When wet, it makes even the thickest, most difficult formulas to glide on like second skin. I've had it for two years now and it's still good as new. Love this so much!

And that is that. What are your fave foundation brushes?