Smell fabulous, always

I recently had a home decorating itch so I scratched it. Seriously guys, SM and Landmark have it all and at crazy cheap prices too. I remarked to my friend, "How do they even make any money at this rate?" 

"On the back of Chinese labor, of course," he said. Hmmm. My place looks a lot prettier now in any case, thanks to the marvels and misfortunes of modern mass production. So. I decided on a blue, yellow, and cream theme to create a cheerful atmosphere that's not overly feminine. I've got enough of that on my blog! I just have to find a new cabinet for my shoes and some cream or yellow curtains and I shall call it a day.

I got the yellow tray in Landmark for like 500 bucks and it's perfect! Aside from housing a vase and some polaroids, I also placed a few of my fave perfumes here so that I never forget to wear one right before I leave. The problem with rushing out is that I neglect to wear a scent sometimes - it irritates me to no end as I feel naked without perfume. With this new set up though, I'm always visually reminded to smell great. ^_^

Here are my current picks: Elie Saab Le Parfum (boys love this!), Elizabeth Arden Cherry Blossom (so fresh), Estee Lauder Modern Muse (sexy and sophisticated), and Philosophy Amazing Grace (stylish without trying too hard). These scents make me feel beautiful and play well with the outfits I like to wear. You'll notice that all are well-loved.

Perfume 3.jpg

Just a slice of life post for y'all. So busy today! Let's talk more tomorrow!