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Worth the splurge: How I became a fan of the Foreo Luna 3 for cleansing + facial massage

As PV’s resident acid addict, I honestly never thought I’d get into physical exfoliation again. But after getting recurrent forehead pimples in the past few months, I finally realized that my facial wash wasn’t enough to fully remove my sunscreen. I started incorporating an oil remover into my daily routine even on no-makeup days in an effort to remove the sunscreen better. Though I had been washing my face correctly, I was a little bit shocked to learn that there were impurities that even my most trusted cleansing products couldn’t remove.

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Are these under P400 Miniso facial gadgets good? Here’s the result of our test!

As PV’s resident beauty gadgets girl, I have a mini collection of beauty devices that have helped my super oily skin keep clear of acne. To be honest, I’d probably purchase more, if not for the prohibitive price tags on these electronics. I’ve always stuck with established high-end brands like Foreo and Clarisonic so I had to wonder: would cheaper ones work as well as my favorites? 

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Quick Review: All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponge

When YouTube star Anna Cay messaged me about sending over her new sponges, I was pretty excited. I got to work with her on a project before and really appreciated how detail-intensive she can be! I also gathered that she really cares about her subscribers and customers, so I knew that she wouldn’t release a sub-par product just to have something to sell. True enough, the All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponge (P288) did not disappoint and has become my go-to sponge pretty much ever since I got it.

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This is why jade rollers are more than just Instagram props

Once a beauty trend reaches Instagram and becomes a popular hashtag, it’s difficult to resist trying it out for ourselves! That’s certainly how I felt when I started seeing all those #jaderoller posts all over my feed, so I got curious and bought one to try. Do they actually have skincare benefits or are they just overpriced facial massage tools? Read on to find out if it’s worth the splurge!

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The four beauty gadgets my extremely oily skin can't live without

Having extremely oily skin that is prone to blemishes, I first went to see a dermatologist when I was a high school freshman because every inch of my face was then covered in pus-filled acne. I had my first chemical peel around that time as well, and facial treatments have been part of my life ever since. Since my skin requires a lot of maintenance to stay clear, it was a natural step for me to venture into beauty gadgets in the hopes of lessening my need for clinic-based procedures. Today, even with influx of effective yet affordable skincare product options, I enjoy the help I get from owning a few beauty gadgets.

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Editor's Review: The Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner

I've tried many brush soaps before but honestly, I always end up using Joy dishwashing fluid when I run out of the soap. Sometimes not even then! Joy isn't sexy nor professional-sounding when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes, but it does the job efficiently and cheaply. Other alternatives are Dove soap and baby shampoo but I always have Joy so I never bother to stock the other two.

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No Passing Fancy: Four gimmicky beauty tools that have stood the test of time

The beauty industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving with new trends, techniques, and tools popping up seemingly overnight. Some of them, like these skincare “innovations” we reviewed, are fun but ultimately passing fads that soon go the way of butterfly clips and elephant pants.

While some trends are destined to delight then disappear, there have been a few survivors that have made the jump from beauty gimmick to beauty staple. While the fate of “washing machine” brush cleaners, jade face rollers, and pizza-cutter eyeliner are still up in the air, these tools have weathered disbelief, dissing, and dupes, and look like they’re here to stay!

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Staff Picks: The brushes we can't live without

I was a young teen when I purchased my very first makeup brushes: a cheap travel set I'd spotted in the department store. The handles were thin and flimsy, and the bristles scratched my face and left a patchy application. I wasn't ecstatic about my purchase but I remember feeling proud of myself for getting them. To me, they signaled that I was serious about makeup and learning how to properly apply it to my face.

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Cheap finds: e.l.f Studio Blush Brush

What can you get for P250 bucks? An appetizer at a nice resto, a Starbucks drink with a cookie on the side,  a really cute notebook (or two), or a muli-tasking brush like the e.l.f Studio Blush Brush! I think e.l.f should rename this to well, anything else but "blush brush". If one doesn't know much about makeup then one wouldn't be able to truly maximize this interesting tool!

This cheapo brush has taklon, surprisingly fine and soft hair. These bristles are densely-packed in a small, flat-ish brush head. Yes, small and flat, about the size of a regular foundation brush - just slightly fluffier. This shape allows for a more precise application of cheek color and contour, but it also opens up a world of possibilities.

You can use this e.l.f brush for applying heavy coverage powder and liquid foundation, as well as cream colors on the cheeks.

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