Yet another awesome makeup brush drying tip

I don't know why this hasn't occurred to me earlier. I usually lay down my brushes on a towel to dry, which works perfectly fine, but has the potential to damage lower quality ferrules and the glue that holds the hair together. It's actually better to hang brushes upside down to prevent trouble like that! I don't have the patience to tie brushes though or hunt down/make a brush tree or drying rack.

Then today, voila! I saw some putty adhesives lying around and though they're perfect for sticking my brushes upside down over the sink. This way the water is drawn out by gravity and the bristles don't get distorted as they air dry. 

It's ridiculously simple: take a big wad of the mounting adhesive (I use the one from Faber Castell which is just 60 bucks per pack in National Bookstore), stick it at the edge a shelf, then stick the brushes onto it. Done! It's better to do this over the sink or a tile counter top so that the dripping water can safely be left to dry.

So simple and brilliant if I must say so. ^_^ Try it too and let me know how it goes!

How do yo usually dry your brushes?

PS This was my first awesome brush drying tip, by the way - Accidental discovery: how to dry brushes in minutes!