Accidental discovery: how to dry brushes in minutes!

I might be the last person to find out about this, but still, I'm pretty blown away. Background story: I was rushing out to my 6:30 AM yoga class the other day. I have these new Real Techniques brushes, but I haven't washed them yet even though I planned to use them later when I go out. So I deep-cleaned them before I left for yoga, and laid them on the first towel I could find. 

I checked the brushes as I was about to leave, and lo and behold - the big brush was almost completely dry! It hasn't been ten minutes since I washed it!

Granted, this brush wasn't particularly dense, but still! Apparently, the towel I used is no ordinary towel - it's an Aquazorb. It's designed to absorb water quickly, and is commonly used as a bath or gym towel. I honestly didn't know that I had Aquazorb since this towel was just a gift.

I experimented with my other deep-cleaned brushes and got the same results. Small detail brushes (like for concealers and eyeshadows) can be dried instantly - I just wipe them on the Aquazorb, removing any remaining moisture. Bigger, dense brushes take more time of course, but they can be completely dry in an hour or two depending on how large they are.

This flat top brush was dry in about 30 minutes after I wiped most of the water off. So cool! I haven't tried this technique yet on animal hair, but I reckon that they will dry faster as well.

So there you go. I definitely plan to get more Aquazorb towels! I'm so happy to have "discovered" this haha. It definitely makes washing brushes an easier task. If you're interested in purchasing as well, you can find Aquazorb in the following locations.