Drugstore Week: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil

This week's theme will be all about drugstore products. I'm pretty excited about my line-up because I adore all of them! I'm going to feature one drugstore item for the face, hair, nail, and body this week. Today, we're all about eyes!

I picked up these Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils (P149.75) last month. I found them inside the MOA SM Department Store, where a huge-ass rack of Essence products are just hanging around with their crazy affordable price tags. I thought the texture, colors, and staying power of these pencils were impressive, so I purchased them even if (truth be told) I rarely buy cosmetics these days.

I swatched these pencils last February when Essence first arrived here. I was pleasantly surprised that the swatches remained intact even though it's been hours, and I've washed my hands several times already! For a P150 product, that's quite a feat. But how does this pencil fare on my eyes?

The Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil is pigmented, so you only need a couple of swipes to make it opaque and color-true. The color you see on the tube is pretty much what you get, well, with a little more vibrancy to it! If we're talking about color pay-off alone, this eyeliner can easily pass off as a high-end one. 

Cool Down, Bling Bling, C'est La Vie. I chose colors that I don't have yet.

It stays on pretty well too. I give it about four hours before it starts fading, but it's only minimal. Not so noticeable! By five hours, I would notice a little smudging around the corners but again it's not dramatic. It still looks decent after a long day.

C'est La Vie worn on top of black eyeliner. This is what it looks like after four hours, no primer. Nice no? This looks perfect with baby pink lips. 

This is Bling Bling used as an eyeshadow. So brilliant.

And check out how vibrant Cool Down is! It's such a gorgeous electric blue.

TIP: To extend the wear time, just use an eyeshadow primer underneath and set the outer tips with translucent powder to prevent the eyeliner from migrating. 

The texture is very smooth and creamy, barely skidding across my lids. It takes a few seconds to set so just wait for it to dry before doing anything else to your eyes (i.e. curling lashes, applying mascara, etc). 

Sooo that's pretty much it! If you're looking for basic colors then you must try the Black Fever (black) and Hot Chocolate (brown) shades. They will smudge a little throughout the day but you won't get racoon eyes (unless you have very oily lids). I'm pretty happy with the fun shades I got, and plan to use them whenever I get the chance. Totally worth much more than P150!

You can find the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils in Watsons or SM Department Stores, beauty section. What do you think? Do you plan to grab this eyeliner?