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Drugstore Week: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub

What, you say, Gluta-C? Seriously? Yes Virginia! Gluta-C is marketed as a skin whitening brand but for me that's just an aside. I actually have the Gluta-C Whitening Gel and I'm pleased that it does seem to even out dark areas in my body, albeit slightly. I use it on and off, when I remember. What more if I use it like twice a day?

But I'm not going to review that now. Today is all about the new Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub (P99.75)! It's my current body scrub and I think it's pretty good. It has smooth, tiny plastic beads to exfoliate dead skin. These beads are mixed in with a creamy base that prevents the newly rubbed skin from drying out.

The Gluta-C scrub has a floral, soapy, slightly powdery scent to it. It's very clean and fresh. It's not chemical-y - something I appreciate in my body products!

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Drugstore Week: Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow + Sparkle Palette in Impressionist

Have you seen the new Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow Palettes? I think they're created for women who want to play with eyeshadow, but don't really know much about application. The palette is packaged in a way that no one can possibly mistake the placement of each color, and it comes with a gorgeous creamy primer, too. 

That said, if you're a bit more advanced in makeup (as I am) then I don't think this particular line is something you need in your life. Still, there's a lot to be said about the lovely shades in the Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow + Sparkle Palette in Impressionist (P775)! It caught my eye the minute it arrived in my doorstep.

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Drugstore Week: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil

This week's theme will be all about drugstore products. I'm pretty excited about my line-up because I adore all of them! I'm going to feature one drugstore item for the face, hair, nail, and body this week. Today, we're all about eyes!

I picked up these Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils (P149.75) last month. I found them inside the MOA SM Department Store, where a huge-ass rack of Essence products are just hanging around with their crazy affordable price tags. I thought the texture, colors, and staying power of these pencils were impressive, so I purchased them even if (truth be told) I rarely buy cosmetics these days.

I swatched these pencils last February when Essence first arrived here. I was pleasantly surprised that the swatches remained intact even though it's been hours, and I've washed my hands several times already! For a P150 product, that's quite a feat. But how does this pencil fare on my eyes?

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