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Accidental discovery: how to dry brushes in minutes!

I might be the last person to find out about this, but still, I'm pretty blown away. Background story: I was rushing out to my 6:30 AM yoga class the other day. I have these new Real Techniques brushes, but I haven't washed them yet even though I planned to use them later when I go out. So I deep-cleaned them before I left for yoga, and laid them on the first towel I could find. 

I checked the brushes as I was about to leave, and lo and behold - the big brush was almost completely dry! It hasn't been ten minutes since I washed it!

Granted, this brush wasn't particularly dense, but still! Apparently, the towel I used is no ordinary towel - it's an Aquazorb. It's designed to absorb water quickly, and is commonly used as a bath or gym towel. I honestly didn't know that I had Aquazorb since this towel was just a gift.

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