Are these under P400 Miniso facial gadgets good? Here’s the result of our test!

As PV’s resident beauty gadgets girl, I have a mini collection of beauty devices that have helped my super oily skin keep clear of acne. To be honest, I’d probably purchase more, if not for the prohibitive price tags on these electronics. I’ve always stuck with established high-end brands like Foreo and Clarisonic so I had to wonder: would cheaper ones work as well as my favorites? 

Miniso is a wonderland for budget-conscious shoppers, and while we don’t recommend their skincare, tools and accessories like makeup sponges and compressed sheets for DIY masking perform pretty well. So when PV Community members requested for us to review these two gadgets from Miniso, I was definitely game to try. After all, both beauty devices were under P500 each!


The Miniso Silicone Facial Cleanser (P299) looks very similar to the famous Foreo Luna. I can’t afford the Luna at 12k a pop, but this Miniso version is about 40 times cheaper and I had nothing to lose by trying it out. The cleansing device claims to exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove dirt as well as enhance the absorption of skincare products. It’s supposed to make skin visibly brighter and healthier, and can be used by any skin type.

To use, I first removed my makeup with an oil cleanser, rinsed that off, and applied my second cleanser. I then used the wet Silicone Facial Cleanser to gently massage my skin with circular motions. There are no settings to control the intensity of the vibrations, nor does it have a timer to control the duration of use so you’ll have to keep track of it yourself. I recommend that those with dry or sensitive skin use it for a maximum of 30 seconds for the entire face, while those with oilier skin can use it for a bit longer. 

Back view of the Silicone Facial Cleanser

Back view of the Silicone Facial Cleanser

There are three sizes of bristles on the device. The manual recommends using the area with the finest bristles for sensitive areas, the second finest area for the T-zone and hard to reach spots, and the biggest bristles for oily parts. Though I’m pretty oily all over, I prefer to just use the finest bristles on my whole face to prevent over exfoliation or irritation from daily use. After “brushing” my face with Miniso Cleanser for one minute, my face actually felt smoother! I applied toner after and found no makeup residue on the cotton pad, so I can attest to its effectivity as a makeup cleanser.

With the Foreo Luna Go on the left

With the Foreo Luna Go on the left

While I don’t own the Foreo Luna, I do own and have raved about its littlest sister, the Foreo Luna Go (P6,125 at Sephora PH). Since they are so similar in function, I had to compare it to the Miniso Silicone Cleanser. The Foreo Luna Go has a rechargeable battery while the Miniso needs one AAA battery. Luna Go has a built-in timer to prevent overuse, and has a smooth massaging side, while the Miniso one is completely covered in bristles. When I run my fingers through the bristles of the Foreo, I find it to be softer and finer than the Miniso one. 

DSC09299 copy.jpg

To compare the two, I tried using each gadget on one side of my face for 30 seconds. The vibrations of the Foreo Luna Go felt more powerful, and that the side I used it on was noticeably smoother. After applying the rest of my skincare, I also noticed that the Foreo side absorbed my skincare products quicker than the Miniso side. The Foreo Luna Go is clearly the superior gadget in delivering multiple skincare benefits, but Miniso’s budget-friendly offering is a pretty good option if you just want a more thorough cleansing step.


Next up, I tried the Miniso Facial Massager (P399). I don’t own any devices similar to this one so I tested based on the product claims. The wand is supposed to “massage, tighten and relax” the face to have a slim V-shape, make skin look younger, and improve the absorption of skincare products. It runs on one AA battery and has a lovely rose gold color. The metal finish makes it look heavy but even the T-shaped “massage head” is actually made of plastic that feels like it’s coated with metallic paint. 

After applying my skincare, I slowly glide the wand against my face in upward and outward motions. The pulsations do feel pleasant and relaxing, like giving my face a little treat! To put the skin benefits to the test, though, I tried using it on only half of my face again to see if it made my skin absorb my skincare faster compared to the other side. Unfortunately, I found no difference between the two as the rate of product absorption was the same. As for making my face more V-shaped, I’ve seen no such progress and remain skeptical of any slimming effects even with continuous usage.

If you just take this gadgets exactly what they are - a cleanser and a massager with no frills - then these are great, inexpensive finds. I prefer the Cleanser more because as someone who wears makeup everyday, it’s important for me to make sure that my skin is cleansed thoroughly. It may not be comparable to the OG but it gets the job done.

Have you tried any beauty gadgets from Miniso? How did they work for you?

Product photography by Nicole Quindara