Move over Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush!

I consider myself to be PV’s resident gadget girl, as I like to bite the bullet and try out different gadgets as part of my quest for better skin. I recently wrote about my gadget collection and declared that the most indispensable is my Clarisonic Mia, as I find that having thoroughly cleansed skin is of utmost importance. I was very curious about trying the Foreo Luna though, but what I didn’t expect was that it would displace the Mia as my new favorite!


The Foreo Luna Go (P6,125 at Sephora PH) is the smallest member of the Luna line. It is a travel-sized, dual-purpose device that uses sonic pulsations. One side is a cleansing brush while the other side has some ridges meant to be an anti-aging facial massager. The Luna Go is available in four different variants that cater to specific skin types: sensitive skin, normal skin, combination skin, and oily skin. I have oily skin but got to try the pink one which is for normal skin.

Being used to bigger gadgets, I was first struck by how pocket-sized it is. The Luna Go is smaller than the average circular cotton pad and is lightweight as well. Most of its body was coated with silicone, save for the bottom. The rounded-tip bristles are mostly fine except for the topmost part where the bristles were larger.


I was eager to try it out, so I first had to remove my makeup. I then applied my facial cleanser, wet the Foreo Luna Go, and started “brushing” my face using the cleansing side in small, circular motions. The bristles felt gentle on my face even though the device was pulsating quite strongly. It did not feel abrasive at all, which really put me at ease while using it. The small size also made it easy to reach the sides of my nose. The cleansing mode (aka Mode 1) took fifteen seconds for each of the four areas of the face, with slight pauses after each area, for a total of one minute. After rinsing the cleanser, I immediately noticed that my face had become smoother and softer. I think that the bristles combined with the pulsations mildly exfoliated my face.

I then used the ridged side of the Luna Go (Mode 2). This mode is used for twelve seconds per area for a total of 48 seconds. When I used this side, I felt the pulsations more intensely, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and just feels like a facial massage. I suppose that I will have to use this long-term to see any anti-aging benefits, but as of now I don’t notice any change in my skin’s appearance. Afterwards, I apply toner with a cotton pad. Without a cleansing brush, I always find some makeup residue on my cotton pad but just like my Clarisonic, the Luna Go was able to thoroughly cleanse my face and I didn’t find any leftover makeup in my cotton pad.


Foreo recommends using this twice a day, but after four days of doing so, I noticed that my skin was feeling a bit raw around the sides of my mouth and nose. I reduced my usage to just once a day and my skin felt better. Note that my skin is very oily, so I’d imagine that people with drier or more sensitive skin might have it even worse if they tried to follow instructions to use it twice daily. I continue to use it once a day only, and my skin is happier this way. I consider my skin to be resistant, but given my experience, I would urge new buyers to stick to the sensitive skin and normal skin variants to be on the safe side, as I imagine that the bristles of the other variants may be coarser.


Sorry, Clarisonic, but this Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush! I like how the bristles feel very gentle on my skin, and that I don’t have to worry about replacing the brush head. Silicone is also naturally antibacterial so it won’t allow for germs to breed on the surface. I also find the Foreo easier to clean because the design is so simple and in one piece, so it’s easy to wash off any dirt that gets stuck in the bristles. The facial massager feature of the Foreo is a nice bonus, too.

The Foreo Luna is waterproof, so it can be safely used in the shower. It comes with a charging cord and pouch. A standard USB charger can be attached to the cord. A full charge lasts about 30 uses, but I find that it takes more than three hours to charge it fully even though Foreo claims that it only takes an hour. Apart from this, I have no other complaints and am thoroughly loving the Luna Go! This will definitely become part of my permanent routine.

Have you tried any Foreo Luna gadgets? What is your favorite cleansing brush?