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Worth the splurge: How I became a fan of the Foreo Luna 3 for cleansing + facial massage

As PV’s resident acid addict, I honestly never thought I’d get into physical exfoliation again. But after getting recurrent forehead pimples in the past few months, I finally realized that my facial wash wasn’t enough to fully remove my sunscreen. I started incorporating an oil remover into my daily routine even on no-makeup days in an effort to remove the sunscreen better. Though I had been washing my face correctly, I was a little bit shocked to learn that there were impurities that even my most trusted cleansing products couldn’t remove.

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Move over Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush!

I consider myself to be PV’s resident gadget girl, as I like to bite the bullet and try out different gadgets as part of my quest for better skin. I recently wrote about my gadget collection and declared that the most indispensable is my Clarisonic Mia, as I find that having thoroughly cleansed skin is of utmost importance. I was very curious about trying the Foreo Luna though, but what I didn’t expect was that it would displace the Mia as my new favorite!

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The four beauty gadgets my extremely oily skin can't live without

Having extremely oily skin that is prone to blemishes, I first went to see a dermatologist when I was a high school freshman because every inch of my face was then covered in pus-filled acne. I had my first chemical peel around that time as well, and facial treatments have been part of my life ever since. Since my skin requires a lot of maintenance to stay clear, it was a natural step for me to venture into beauty gadgets in the hopes of lessening my need for clinic-based procedures. Today, even with influx of effective yet affordable skincare product options, I enjoy the help I get from owning a few beauty gadgets.

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