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Why this smart vanity mirror is the perfect gadget gift to yourself

Are you a big fan of beauty videos? Do you follow along or listen to it while doing your own face? I recently got hooked when I became obsessed with learning how to apply eyeshadow! While PV has a lot of great how-to articles, I feel the need to watch videos so I can see exactly how things are done. I play the video on my phone and plug my earphones in so I can hear the audio better. The setup is a bit of a hassle, especially since I don’t have a vanity table, but my life has been changed by Zhia Beauty’s Smart Vanity Mirror!

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Move over Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush!

I consider myself to be PV’s resident gadget girl, as I like to bite the bullet and try out different gadgets as part of my quest for better skin. I recently wrote about my gadget collection and declared that the most indispensable is my Clarisonic Mia, as I find that having thoroughly cleansed skin is of utmost importance. I was very curious about trying the Foreo Luna though, but what I didn’t expect was that it would displace the Mia as my new favorite!

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The four beauty gadgets my extremely oily skin can't live without

Having extremely oily skin that is prone to blemishes, I first went to see a dermatologist when I was a high school freshman because every inch of my face was then covered in pus-filled acne. I had my first chemical peel around that time as well, and facial treatments have been part of my life ever since. Since my skin requires a lot of maintenance to stay clear, it was a natural step for me to venture into beauty gadgets in the hopes of lessening my need for clinic-based procedures. Today, even with influx of effective yet affordable skincare product options, I enjoy the help I get from owning a few beauty gadgets.

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The phone with a beauty filter so good it makes your face glow in bad lighting

My boyfriend James recently acquired an Android phone after having been an iPhone user for years. Every time one of us is abroad, we video chat to keep in touch. The first few video calls I thought “Wow, his skin is so nice lately!” or “What great lighting at his hotel!” But eventually I cottoned on to the fact that his phone just has a crazy good automatic beauty filter. I’ve been an iPhone user for quite a while too and oh, how I envied his camera!

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Here's a neat solution to poor lighting while you're applying makeup

Raise your hand if you’ve ever applied your makeup at home, only to leave the house and find that your application is uneven or overdone! Getting enough good lighting in your vanity area is actually important to ensuing that your makeup game is on point but we may not always have access to lots of natural light. Maybe your room doesn’t have a window or enough light sources, or you need to do your makeup early in the morning before the sun rises. If you don’t have the budget for a full light-up vanity and aren’t handy enough to DIY a similar setup, a mirror with LED lights is just the thing to get you out of the dark!

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5 things I LOVE about my new Smart iPhone 5s

The Smart iPhone 5 I got last 2013 was one of the best things that happened to me. It allowed me to work on the go and to stay in touch with my clients who prefer to talk on Viber and Facebook. It takes amazing pictures, only a small amount of precious space in my bag, and looks super stylish too! It's everything I want and need in a phone.

Thanks to Smart though, I was able to upgrade to the an iPhone 5s. I know this is a beauty blog, but bear with me as I talk about why this gadget is one of the best things I've gotten my hands on this year (so far)!


It's gold and gorgeous. It took a while but I'm so happy that Smart found me the color I originally wanted! If you know me then you know I always wear something gold. It's a color that looks good with my skintone since I'm very warm-toned. I also love seeing gold in cosmetics packaging as it whispers luxe whenever I see it. 

Physical prettiness aside though, gold also reminds me to excel in everything I do. Yes, cheesy, but it's true!


It takes awesome pictures and videos. The iPhone 5 takes great images already but the 5s is just on a whole different level! I'm not a techie but I can really see the difference. The 5s has an 8 MP camera, can shoot in burst mode (or x number of pictures just by holding the button), and can take videos in slow motion.

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed how the pictures are looking even better. lately. This wallpaper? I just took a pic of it with my phone! The iPhone 5s makes it easier for me to take FOTDs, OOTDs, and swatches too. 


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Never shave or wax again with the Philips Satinelle

Waxing was my favorite way to get rid of body hair, but most days I just shaved and called it a day. I don't really have time to drop by a waxing salon for an hour or so (including travel time), and besides it can be expensive if you must get it done twice a month. That comes down to P1,200 a month at a modest salon ha! I can buy better things with that money than getting rid of my leg hair, truth be told.

So, I embarked on a casual online hunt for electric hair epilators. Basically it looks like a razor but instead of cutting the hair close to the skin, the gadget pulls out each hair. Sounds like torture? Eh, depends on your pain tolerance. I'll discuss that later.

What is this sorcery and where can one buy it

I didn't know there were electric epilators available locally. The blog posts I've seen about it all talk about getting one abroad, or via pre-order. Clearly, my Google-fu needs improvement. Imagine my surprise when I saw one in Watsons Mall of Asia (SM department store area) a couple of weeks ago! I was actually checking out Baby Bliss hair curlers when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the mythical epilator. I knew I was going home with it, no questions asked!

Well there were questions asked because the first one I saw cost almost P7,000 I think. Haha. Good thing I rummaged behind the box to look for other models; the boxes look alike. The one I bought, the Philips Satinelle HP6400, is only P2,299.

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SMART Netphone unboxing photos and specs

I am not a techie, not in the sense that I keep up with the latest gadgets or know the difference between a Froyo and a Gingerbread. I only buy tech stuff when I need them and then forget about them as I use them. There are only two things I look out for: the functionality and look, all the other specs aside. And of course the price has to be reasonable.

The new SMART Netphone, I believe, fits the bill! As a thoroughly kikay person with moderate tech kung fu, I think the Netphone is something that can complement whatever I wear while still keeping me connected to my social networks and email for only P20 a day.

The SMART Netphone is a solid Android phone that's fully integrated with Smart's services. The thing that sets it apart from other Android phones though is the Blackberry Messenger-like network called Smartnet that SMART built around it. It allows you to look for people using their Global Directory (given that who you're looking for is on the Netphone) and then add them with their permission.

And now, for the unboxing!

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Blackberry blues

I recently bought a Blackberry. My boss uses one, an acquaintance swore by it, and Robert Langdon kept on mentioning it in The Lost Symbol (I have a feeling those are sponsored mentions though, hrhr). What was that advertising idea that claimed that if you hear positive things about a product three times in separate sources, you're bound to buy it? Anyway, when I was looking for a new phone, I thought a Blackberry would be a pefect fit for me.

Well, I instantly regretted my purchase a couple of hours after. :/ The Blackberry felt like a dinosaur. I've been using a Samsung Corby this past year and I thought that was a dinosaur too; apparently not! Not to sound like a snob but I'm used to the Apple paradigm. If you want something done, the OS opens up to reveal the quickest and most convenient way to do it. The Blackberry not only looked like a brick, it functioned like a brick, apps-wise.

A couple of days after using this though I have come to regard it with a certain fondness.

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A new member of our Apple household: the MacBook Air

I was initially torn between getting a MacBook Pro and a 128 gig Air (they're priced about the same), but after watching great reviews online and seeing Marco loving his 13" Air, I decided that the Air is a better match for me. My work doesn't really require me to use heavy software so I don't need something as powerful as an MBP. I do need something portable and super fast, which is where the MacBook Air comes in.

As expected, I was wowed by the performance of this slim (to the point of skinny) and lightweight laptop. Heavy apps like iPhoto and Garageband open in three seconds with no fuss. Basically, doing ANYTHING is a breeze in this machine. It's now my work computer! It's a bit smaller than I'm used to, at 11 inches, but the high screen resolution more than makes up for it.

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