The phone with a beauty filter so good it makes your face glow in bad lighting

My boyfriend James recently acquired an Android phone after having been an iPhone user for years. Every time one of us is abroad, we video chat to keep in touch. The first few video calls I thought “Wow, his skin is so nice lately!” or “What great lighting at his hotel!” But eventually I cottoned on to the fact that his phone just has a crazy good automatic beauty filter. I’ve been an iPhone user for quite a while too and oh, how I envied his camera!

The iPhone is nice because it’s simple and it seamlessly connects with my MacBook Air, but the camera - especially the front-facing camera - is disappointing compared to other cameras in phones at the same price point. If the lighting is bad then that’s that. It doesn’t matter how good my #FOTD is, it’s still going to look all shady and weird.

I had been contemplating getting the same high end Android phone as James’s, but P35,000+ is still quite an investment just for that one feature. I’m happy to report however that there’s a pretty good alternative at a fraction of the price! The Honor 9 Lite is all about photo quality, a sleek, elegant interface, and a full-view display - plus it’s only P7,990 at Shopee!


Honor is actually a sub-brand of Huawei so you know they’re serious about having the best photo features. It features a quad-camera with the same quality on both the front and back cameras; at a 13MP + 2MP dual-lens system, it can deliver HD visuals and depth-of-field effects. It also has a beauty algorithm adjustable by gender! When the Portrait mode is on though, it’s like you’re already on MakeupPlus, which is crazy.

Here’s what I mean! Both photos were taken inside a moving car, and the sun is already going down.

As I said, it’s crazy! I don’t even need to be wearing makeup to adjust my skin tone and features. I actually think the normal photo mode is already great for selfies so that’s what I would use, but the Portrait mode is pretty handy in poor lighting situations. No need to edit the lighting, contrast, temperature, etc. of my selfies. If you love makeup apps then I think you’ll definitely love this phone’s beauty settings.

In this shot, the sun has almost set and I am surrounded by buildings so the whole place is in shadow. The light looks so good though!

In this shot, the sun has almost set and I am surrounded by buildings so the whole place is in shadow. The light looks so good though!

Flat lay test - the objects look sharp and detailed

Flat lay test - the objects look sharp and detailed

Aside from the quad camera, I also find the design of the Honor 9 Lite quite impressive. It’s slim and light with rounded corners; it also features a 18:9 screen that measures 5.65 inches and a 75.5% screen-to-bezel ratio. The Back Mirror is so cool - you can use it to quickly check your hair! It can be a fingerprint magnet though but it’s easy enough to wipe anyway.


The Honor 9 Lite is equipped with the latest Kirin 659 Octa-core processor, fabricated in a cutting-edge 16-nanometer process. With a CPU that runs as fast as 2.36GHz and 3GB of high-speed RAM, you’ll be able to use multiple apps or play heavier games when you feel like it. It also comes with 32 GB of storage and runs on Android 8.0 and EMUI 8.0. A fully-charged battery can last up to one full day of use.


Overall, the Honor 9 Lite is a great masstige smart phone that I think beauty girls in particular would appreciate. It’s stylish, takes great selfies and scenes, and keeps up with your lifestyle in terms of speed and battery life. Do watch out for the flash sale on Shopee this May 5 to get it at an even better deal. Mark your calendars, ladies! Let me know what you think of this intriguing phone.

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