A new member of our Apple household

Let's take a break from makeup and clothes today, shall we? I'd just like to share my newest toy!

It's true what they say: once you go Mac, you can't go back. Okay that doesn't really apply to everyone but it does to me and Marco. We love Apple computers because of the functionality and design. We love that Apple thinks of computers differently and encourages other people to do the same.

Tools of the trade: 16-gig iPad, Macbook, 32-gig iPod Touch, 4-gig iPod Shuffle

When I first got my Macbook I had no idea how to use it. As a former Windows user, I had to undergo a paradigm shift before I was able to maximize this machine! Everything was faster, more streamlined and effortless, plus I never had to worry about viruses.

I bought my Macbook with my own money and we've been through a lot together, so you can imagine how much I treasure this machine. But it's a little old now and I have to retire it soon. I'm considering a Macbook Air instead of another white Macbook - what do you think? They cost about the same, but the Macbook Air uses flash memory and is only less than an inch thick.

And here ends my little Apple ramble. Are you a Mac user? What do you like (or don't like) about Apple gadgets?