Too Stepford Wife

When I meet Project Vanity readers, they always tell me that they're surprised I'm not...fatter. I don't know what's up with cameras, but in my photos I look five to ten pounds heavier! I fit into small and medium clothes. Bah.

Case in point:

Ukay Manila dress/ belt from Market! Market!/ Ferretti wedges

Oh well. I really like this dress. I didn't want to wear it to the La Mer event at first because it's too Stepford wife for the occasion, but I was in a hurry.

Anyway, totally unrelated: last Saturday, Marco and I threw a party at Linden Suites for our friends. I think it's a success! I wish I took more photos but I was too busy gabbing. I need a bath tub in my life, and I need all hotel rooms to have bath tubs.

How is your long weekend coming along?