A new member of our Apple household: the MacBook Air

I was initially torn between getting a MacBook Pro and a 128 gig Air (they're priced about the same), but after watching great reviews online and seeing Marco loving his 13" Air, I decided that the Air is a better match for me. My work doesn't really require me to use heavy software so I don't need something as powerful as an MBP. I do need something portable and super fast, which is where the MacBook Air comes in.

As expected, I was wowed by the performance of this slim (to the point of skinny) and lightweight laptop. Heavy apps like iPhoto and Garageband open in three seconds with no fuss. Basically, doing ANYTHING is a breeze in this machine. It's now my work computer! It's a bit smaller than I'm used to, at 11 inches, but the high screen resolution more than makes up for it.

The thickest part is about as thick as a normal phone. The thinnest part is just as thin as a clip board.

Battery life is roughly six hours, while standby time is 30 days (!)

What an amazing machine! If you're getting a laptop, I highly recommend this. Ok I need to stop gushing now. Can't help it! So, MacBook Air (I don't name my gadgets ok), welcome to my Mac family!

If you look at it, the machines I have are kind of redundant, but they each have a purpose! Lol. The iPod Nano is for jogging and exercising, the iPod Touch is for music and browsing on the go, the iPad is for games and movies, while the MacBook Air is for work. I'm giving the white MacBook to my mom.

Love Apple. <3