The Anew Reversalist Day and Night creams

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going on a conference call with Anthony Gonzalez, the Senior Manager of the global research and development center of Avon skincare products. He's based in New York and wanted to share the latest Anew line called Reversalist to the Asian press. The talk happened at the Avon Philippines headquarters in Makati Avenue.

ANEW Reversalist's Activinol technology boosts Activin, to reactivate skin’s repair process and help recreate fresh new skin and dramatically reverse the look of wrinkles. Avon’s patent-pending Activinol Technology is shown to increase the production of Activin to help boost skin’s ability to repair itself and recreate fresh, new skin.

Anthony Gonzalez

Now I know a lot of you are jaded about anti-aging products since so many of them come out with claims of miraculously solving skin issues, so I cut straight to the chase and asked Mr. Gonzalez The Question: what makes the Anew Reversalist unique? He answered quickly and confidently, "Other anti-aging products focus on stimulating collagen and elastin. But we approach aging differently. We go to the cellular level and look at aging as a result of tiny wounds to the skin."

Wounds to the skin? What does that mean? According to Mr. Gonzalez, our cells heal well on their own but as we advance in years this ability slows down. On a macro level, we can see how children heal faster than adults; a wound on young skin can be gone in a week, while adults may take two weeks to heal the same wound. Imagine our cells sustaining tiny wounds that don't heal completely overtime (micro-scarring), and we've got one theory on how humans age.

The Anew Reversalist was created with that theory in mind. It's designed to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration for women in their thirties and beyond. It's especially recommended for those who are heavily exposed to the sun everyday, since sun damage is thought to be one major factor that causes aging. 

I also asked Mr. Gonzalez about the difference between the day cream and the night cream. He answered frankly that the night cream is heavier, more moisturizing, and works faster than the day cream. The day cream is designed more for comfortable wear during the day while providing the needed SPF25. 

I personally like the Reversalist better than the other Anew products I've swatched. These are definitely lighter on the skin and absorbs quickly with no greasy after feel! There's also a light scent that I love. However, I must admit that I don't intend to use the Reversalist as I am way below their target age range. So, no review. Still, I think this product is worth looking into if you're hunting for a good yet affordable anti-aging product. 

The Anew Reversalist is currently selling at the intro price (P699) but the normal price is higher than that at P999. There's no better time to try than now!

Thanks Ms. Faith Aranton and the Ogilvy girls for inviting me to meet Mr. Gonzales. :D

The lovely Faith Aranton of Avon

The Anew Reversalist is currently available through Avon Ladies nationwide. Visit now and like the Avon Facebook Page for updates.