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Why I’m currently loving Olay’s oil-free moisturizer for my skin

Having extremely oily skin with a lot of skin concerns, finding the best skin care products for my particular needs has been a challenge. I’d like to have bright, smooth and glowing skin with less visible pores but the best facial treatments often cost a pretty penny. That’s why I was intrigued by the claims of Olay’s Power Duo, which aims to help achieve all my concerns using the White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence (P1,299 for 30ml) and the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (P1,899 for 50g), at a price that’s not too heavy on the pocket.

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Vitamin C 101: What you need to know about this powerful skincare active

Did you survive flu season? Apart from getting the flu shoot, many people normally add vitamin supplements to keep from getting sick. Vitamin C is particularly popular because it helps boost your immune system. It is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and promotes healing and collagen production, so it’s actually also a really effective skincare active!

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A millennial's reflections on trying anti-aging skincare for the first time

At 21, I often struggle with #adulting. I’m still learning how to be smarter with time management and planning for the long-term, and had never had to deal with very adult things like taxes until my internship. So when Den asked me to try Celeteque’s Advanced Anti-Aging line, I was initially baffled. Am I not too young to be worrying about wrinkles? Then I realized that it makes sense to use anti-aging products BEFORE my skin actually needs them. Prevention is better than cure, after all! But how could I adapt that concept into my own state of mind?

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Review: Skin Doctors Beetox, a bee venom treatment for fine lines

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that claim medicinal or drug-like benefits. Skin Doctors Beetox cream claims to “instantly help to activate you skin cells to reduce the appearance of: wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and aging.” It was only at this point that I realized that Beetox was a play on ‘bee’ and ‘botox’!!! I had first thought it was to do with toxins and bee venom, haha.

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Finally, Happy Skin now has a skincare line for anti-aging and oil-control

Can you even imagine what it was like before Happy Skin Cosmetics? This brand revolutionized the local beauty scene when it successfully introduced the concept of makeup with skincare benefits, offering stellar formulations to address specifically Pinay concerns. So it came as a pleasant (though not completely unexpected!) surprise to find out that the next logical step for them was to create a dedicated skincare line, Happy Skin Beauty!

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We just tried Target Pro, a secretly popular Japanese skincare line in Watsons

Just ask any member of the PV Team about where they shop for beauty booty, and they’ll immediately list Watsons as one of their regular haunts. Its wealth of makeup and skincare picks that fit a wide range of budgets, plus there's always something new! We’ve already switched and saved during budget season, stripped down to gentler bath and body formulations with the Naturals line, armed ourselves against the elements with the Pure Beauty Urban Shield line, and got a head start on anti-aging with the Collagen line. But it doesn’t stop there! This veritable drugstore brand has now tapped into the J-beauty scene to bring us Target Pro by Watsons.

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How the Revlon Youth FX Line can give you a temporary face lift

Despite the abundance of heat and humidity in our country, there are people like me who worry about looking tuyot. Persistently dry or dehydrated skin cracks, folds, and doesn’t tend to smooth back out, thus making us look older than we really are. I’ve had really bad days when insufficient skincare and dry foundation formulas have made me look wrinkly and washed out. While I know that aging is inevitable, it's not fun looking twice your actual age!

Aging concerns are real for people like me who have dry and/or dehydrated skin so the Revlon Youth FX line is aimed at addressing just that.

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This best-selling Kiehl's serum is now reformulated - how is it better than the original?

Making resolutions for the new year means evaluating the present and figuring out how to make the good better, and the better best. That's why it seems timely that Kiehl’s has taken an old favorite - one that they claim sells at a rate of one bottle per minute - and made it more powerful than ever! The star ingredient is also now more potent and more stable.

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Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap + Giveaway

What makes a good soap? For me, it has to be moisturizing with a creamy lather. It has to smell nice - never obnoxious, never chemical-y. If it has a few promised skincare benefits then great, but I'm not going to expect more than smooth and soft skin after a bath! (That's not too much to ask right?)

So lately I've been using this new bar called the Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap (P114). I love it because it fits all my qualifications for a good soap. It smells like this old peppermint and oatmeal soap I used to steal from my mom's bathroom, and that alone scores it extra points! It's been more than half a decade since I used that one. :P Other than the smell, the Moringa Soap lathers up nicely and does not leave my skin feeling tight after a shower.

Its main active ingredients are papaya enzymes, moringa extract, and kojic acid. Hmm, did I notice any lightening? I've been using the soap for almost three weeks now and I have noticed that my skin is more even somehow.

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At what age should you start using anti-aging products?

Quite a lot of you gals asked me this question when I posted Avon's latest serum. It seems that there's some confusion about the proper age for starting an anti-aging regimen, but that's the thing: there's no standard recommended age! Even anti-aging ads don't drop exact numbers as to when you should start using the products, if you've noticed. It's very vague. Here's why.

Your skin is unique due to genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Some women can look incredibly young for their age, while others are prone to premature wrinkles and sallowness. If you're lucky to have fabulous genes then good for you. But even so, excessive drinking (of alcohol), sun exposure, stress, or lack of sleep can hasten the aging process. Your skin won't be able to regenerate as quickly or as thoroughly if you don't do basic maintenance.

In other words, you should drink lots of water, wear sunscreen everyday, avoid alcohol and sleep as much as possible. I know it sounds trite but this is advice you can bet your life on! You will age slower if you religiously do all of the above - with or without a knockout anti-aging serum.

Anti-aging beauty products won't stop the hands of time. The best that they can do is brighten skin, fill in wrinkles and even re-inflate them a little over time, and plump up sunken areas of the face.

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Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector with A-F33

Last year, the big anti-aging story was all about re-activating our youth cells. Apparently, scientists have discovered a way to jumpstart youth by re-energizing some cells with a special ingredient. I don't know if there was any truth to it but I do know that most of the anti-aging products that came out in 2012 had that magic formula.

This year, Avon might just be headlining another new development in the anti-aging race. It appears that the new Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector with A-F33 presents a different approach to anti-aging inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research. It promises to fade wrinkles in seven days by intercepting collagen-blockers.

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Skincare gems from L'Oreal Paris

The fact that we are living in the future is something we take for granted. Imagine, 15 years ago the Internet was just something rich people and offices had; information can only be found in print. We now have personal computers with touch screens that can fit in our pocket. We have hologram Tupac, dead for 16 years, performing in a concert! But we all take it in stride and shrug it off as the natural order of things. There is no wonder, there is no marvel anymore.

Aside from gadgets, this living-in-the-future bit also applies to beauty products. The skincare industry, for instance, is moving fast with new innovations at affordable price points. Products that used to be only available from high-end brands now have doppelgangers in drugstore brands. It's not exactly the same but efficacy is just as good for what you pay for them.

Now, L'Oreal has been diligent in amping up their skincare lines with two new products: the White Perfect Micro-vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener and the Youth Code Pre-Essence.

The White Perfect Micro-vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener (P695) is an eye cream with a vibrating applicator. The white cream is moisturizing and offers a bit of brightening because it has some shimmer, but the applicator is the real star here. :D It's metal-tipped so it feels very cool and soothing once you place it on your eyebags. The vibration is gentle yet stimulating, a little bit like getting a massage.

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Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation + Serum

Adding skincare elements into makeup is not a new concept, but you'll be hard-pressed to find such products at affordable price points. Maybe the ingredients that go into it are pricey or maybe by virtue of the added skincare, the makeup is already branded as a premium product. But that's not the case with Max Factor's newest foundation: the Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation + Serum (P895).

The foundation feels like a thick, heavily tinted serum. It's very moisturizing and has a velvety, mousse-like texture that's easy to spread and work with. Another distinctive feature is the floral scent - some people might be turned off by it, but since this is specifically marketed towards more mature women, the scent seems to be a preference for them.

The coverage is pretty good - medium to heavy - and goes on very smoothly without emphasizing fine lines and creases.

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Anti-aging Restorative Cream

"Proof, not promises," says Elizabeth Arden about their flagship anti-aging cream, the Prevage Night Anti-aging Restorative Cream (~P5,000/ $132). So what is it? Basically, it's a night cream that has a powerful anti-oxidant component to battle fine lines and dullness. intensive overnight moisture cream with advanced Idebenone technology that was specially formulated to work during the night in synch with the skin’s sleep cycle, as it’s the time our skin is most receptive to treatments.

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Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup

Mature skin tends to be duller, with age spots, wrinkles, and dry skin overall. That means normal makeup just won't cut it anymore! To enhance older skin, makeup artists would recommend products that have intense moisturizing and brightening effects.

One foundation that fits the bill is the Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup (P975). I wouldn't recommend you put too much stock on its "DNA advantage" that is, its claims to protect your DNA from aging, but it is certainly a good foundation for its intended market.

Texture. It's thick, creamy, and easy to spread on even the toughest, wrinkle-ridden skin. It also helps soften lines due to its light-reflecting properties. Has SPF20.

Coverage and finish. Coverage is medium to heavy.

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Avon Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate

There is a dizzying bevy of anti-aging products out there, with extraordinary claims to bring back your skin's youth. How do you find out what actually works? Simple, you try them! After some research on reviews and ingredients, of course.

That said, I want to give you a bit of information about Avon's latest anti-aging product: the Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate (P1,799). It claims to help skin look ten years younger with the help of the brand's patented YouthGen Technology. It is supposed to re-activate one's "Youth Gene", that genetic component in our cells that keeps skin elastic, wrinkle-free, and glowing - young, in other words. 

Sounds too sci-fi? Perhaps, but it is quite intriguing. Promises aside, the quality of the serum itself is pretty good.

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Vitacreme B12 Anti-Ageing Serum

Please welcome Sara again! This time, she talks about an anti-aging serum that she doesn't need (she's 25!) but makes her look more glowing anyway.

Is it me, or do people seem to age faster nowadays? Maybe it's because of every day stress brought on by work or the toxic elements in our environment. This is probably the reason for the sudden surge of anti-aging products in the market. But, which ones work and how do they distinguish themselves from each other? Simple, you turn to guinea pigs like me. ;) 

Kidding aside, I want to share my thoughts on the Vitacreme B12 Anti-Ageing Serum (P2,400). So what sets it apart from the tons of similar products out there? The Swiss brand boasts that it is the first to include the vitamin B12 as a key ingredient in its skin care products.  It claims to "regenerate, nourish and moisturize your skin" as vitamin B12 is known for its cell-regenerating properties.

I've seen this brand in Watsons and in the beauty section of SM Department Stores with a price tag of P2,400. Admittedly, yeah, it does make you step back from buying a tube. But I've read good things about the brand and when given a chance to try the Vitacreme B12 Anti-Ageing Serum (Thanks, Liz!), why not?

What I love about the product

  • On the box, it claimed that the first application does make skin soft, hydrated and moisturized and it does deliver!
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