Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap + Giveaway

What makes a good soap? For me, it has to be moisturizing with a creamy lather. It has to smell nice - never obnoxious, never chemical-y. If it has a few promised skincare benefits then great, but I'm not going to expect more than smooth and soft skin after a bath! (That's not too much to ask right?)

So lately I've been using this new bar called the Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap (P114). I love it because it fits all my qualifications for a good soap. It smells like this old peppermint and oatmeal soap I used to steal from my mom's bathroom, and that alone scores it extra points! It's been more than half a decade since I used that one. :P Other than the smell, the Moringa Soap lathers up nicely and does not leave my skin feeling tight after a shower.

Its main active ingredients are papaya enzymes, moringa extract, and kojic acid. Hmm, did I notice any lightening? I've been using the soap for almost three weeks now and I have noticed that my skin is more even somehow. It could be the Nivea SPF lotion I've been using religiously everyday (it has Vitamin C!) so that could be part of the reason, but I feel that the Moringa Soap has helped it along.

I'm not actively trying to lighten my skin ha. But my neck and knees, for instance, need some help! I will definitely continue using this soap to see if it will make more of a difference than it did already. You should read Alex's review on this soap, she also uses it on her face and she's amazed that it cleared up a nasty blemish and an insect bite.

Legs! Pantay na! Usually the upper part would be much lighter

Lastly, while the P114 price tag may be sliiiightly expensive for a local soap, it's super economical. Other beauty soaps would melt in like three to four weeks of use. This doesn't. What I did was I cut a third off the bar of soap and that's what I've been using! I haven't even finished it yet! Well it's on its last legs but still, three weeks for 1/3 of the soap is pretty good. It hasn't shown any signs of melting.

Overall, if you're looking for a soap that smells good, lathers nicely, and can help at least even out your skin, then you must give the Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap a try. :) You can buy it in their online store and in these physical locations (scroll to the bottom).

You can also check out the Serum Bar (P94) for anti-aging

But wait! I have a giveaway for you guys. (Wow that came out of nowhere!) Seriously, get a chance to win five of these soaps just by simply answering a question and of course the usual follow steps.


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3. Answer the question in the comments below: Which Beauty and Bright soap is perfect for you?

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5. Contest ends in a week (March 1).

Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Aging Serum Bar: The first wash-off serum bar in the Philippines. It effectively lightens and moisturizes one's skin. It is loaded with moringa, acai berry, kojic acid, papaya, lemon extracts and lactic acid.

Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap: It has seven (7) Skin Lightening & Beautifying Extracts: Moringa (Malunggay), Papaya, Kojic Acid, Camellia Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil, Oxalis Triangularis Oil & Plant-based Lactic Acid. *The combination of our three potent extracts Moringa/Malunggay and the Three (3) Power Oils (Camellia, Candeia, Oxalis Triangularis) makes our soap more effective *The 3 Power Oils have been clinically proven more effective than Arbutin in skin lightening.

We'll pick five winners with nice answers, and they will each win five soaps, four of which will be the soap of their choice and one that isn't just to shake things up. We will ship to Philippine residents only. :D

Good luck!