When the price is right: Here's an anti-aging duo we can get behind

Anti-aging products have a reputation for being pretty expensive. A serum can start at P3,000 upwards, while a jar of moisturizer often fetch upwards of P2,000. At the same time, there is an impression that cheap anti-aging products don't work. These ideas may keep some people from being more pro-active about keeping their skin as youthful-looking as possible.

Thankfully, Olay - a brand well-loved by our moms and titas - is here to save the day! They have a new duo that is just the right price for women our age while still promising concentrated actives.

Just as your morning skin care routine would differ from what you do at night, your anti-aging efforts also serve to address different skin issues. For daytime, you ideally need to get lightweight products with SPF to go underneath your makeup. In the evening, a rich, reparative formula is better for amping the effects of your beauty sleep. Night-time serums and moisturizers often have a reputation for being richer (and maybe greasier) to pack in moisture and reverse daily damage but the Olay Regenerist Night Ritual dares to be different in that regard.

Olay products boast of cutting-edge technology in skin lightening and anti-aging, having established itself as household name since the 50s. Even the packaging speaks of innovation: The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence (P1,399) may be contained in a dropper bottle but you needn’t squeeze to get the product out. Once the cap is unscrewed, the dropper button automatically pops up and picks up the product. That means the dropper is already pre-loaded and ready to dispense. Convenient, right? One dropper-full of the Pre-Essence is exactly enough to cover the face and the neck.

The Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence, with Olay’s barrier-strengthening Skin Energy Complex, has a runny gel consistency that feels like water once you're massaging it on. It is absorbed by my skin instantly, and doesn't feel oily or sticky. The consistency allows for it to be layered with other products easily. It might even be tempting to apply some before makeup.

The Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (P1,699) has a velvety feel, almost like makeup primer. It spreads with a little tug (due to a drier formula) and settles into a satin-matte finish. It contains Hydra-Firming Complex and Amino-Peptide Complex, the latter going deep into the skin to work on wrinkles. Again, it feels like something light enough that it could be applied before makeup during the day.

In the morning, I don’t see excessively shiny skin after allowing my face to soak up both products all night. The notable difference I experienced after using these for a couple of weeks was how my skin felt generally smoother. In terms of wrinkle-reduction though, I'll probably have to continue using these for a bit longer before I get visible results but adding this duo to my routine makes me feel more confident about preventing any more lines from showing up.

Both Olay skincare products are able to work well individually but I do think they make a great two-step nightly anti-aging routine. Their corresponding consistencies complement each other, and the quick absorption gives the sense of the products penetrating the skin rather than just sitting on top of it.

Have you started including anti-aging products into your bedtime routine? Do you prefer a rich, thick formula, or are you looking for a product that won’t leave you feeling greasy?

We received the Olay Regenerist Overnight Ritual from Sample Room