Staff Picks: Foundation for rainy days

Compiled by Diane Salazar, contributor

While summer has us playing with colors and heat-proofing our makeup, our beauty concerns also get updated with the change of season. With the dark clouds, strong winds and heavy downpours, we keep the gloomy weather from creeping onto our faces with foundations that brighten complexions and stay weatherproof. Check out our top picks for the rainy days ahead!

Liz: Cushion makeup is surprisingly damp weather-proof! They adhere so well onto the skin since their texture is so thin. My tip is, when it's rainy, avoid the heavy coverage bases since they have a high chance of caking in the wetness. Don't use too much powder; they will liquefy anyway. I love the Bobbi Brown Cushion Compact since it barely needs to be set with powder and gives my face a nice glow.

Den: I currently love the NoTS Silk Glow Foundation! The finish is dewy and makes my skin look radiant. The creamy formula also seems to hydrate my skin, which is prone to dryness in cold weather. It’s also pretty heavy duty in spite of feeling weightless, so it doesn’t come off if it gets too balmy or I get caught in a light shower.

Marielle: I haven't purchased a foundation that specifically features a long-wear formula, but I did jump into a pool a few hours after applying Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. When I was done swimming, I was surprised to find that most of my makeup remained intact. I feel like its formula had a huge hand in improving the wear-time of my base!

Gett: I'm not one to put on foundation, especially during rainy season. I prefer something lightweight and easy, like the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream. While it does not provide any coverage, it evens out any redness or unevenness of my skin tone. It has a dewy finish which I like even if I do have oily skin because it gives a "my skin but better" look.

Charlie: Around the rainy season, I take out my Innisfree Smart Foundation | Long Lasting. It doesn’t have much coverage but I love it because it feels light on the skin and it stays on all day despite the humid weather.

VB: On rainy days, I reach for a foundation with a more luminous finish. I'm currently loving Cover Girl’s Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation. This is a medium to full coverage foundation that doesn’t feel cakey and almost perfectly evens out my stubborn dark spots. The finish is beautiful especially when using a flat top brush!

Crystal: Now that the weather is not crazy hot anymore, I don’t have to reach for uber long-lasting foundations. I reach for Too Faced Born This Way foundation, which gives medium coverage and looks great on my skin! 

Sam: The NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint doesn't budge when wet, which is perfect for the occasional drizzle (I wouldn't place myself in a situation where the torrential downpour will hit my face, but I assume it would fare well in the event that that happens, too). It feels like nothing on the skin while doing a great job at coverage and longevity. For dry-skinned girls, a drop of beauty oil will tone down the matte-ness but keep the velvety texture.

Are your foundation faves on our list? What face bases are you reaching for this rainy season?