Meet NoTS, a Korean brand with pretty impressive products!

In the Philippines, we're more used to seeing and patronizing affordable Korean brands. I think that's great because you get such nice quality at a price that your wallet won't bite you for! Korea is a beauty manufacturing powerhouse. So imagine this: if the products are already so good even when they're inexpensive, how much better can they be when they're on the premium end of the spectrum?

Well, that's the answer that AboutFace.PH is more than ready to give you. They brought in NoTS (Noble Through Skincare), a popular premium brand in Korea that aims to give us beautiful, elegant skin as opposed to a trendy look. They claim to invest in R&D more than marketing, in the efficacy of the products instead of cute or fancy packaging. They also use the best ingredients, naturally-sourced, to create their formulations. It's a young brand as it was only operated in 2012, which explains why it isn't as popular yet.

I thought NoTS looked interesting and expensive the first time I saw it, but I was not ready to fall in love with their foundation in particular. The Silk Glow Stick Foundation (P1,699 at AboutFace.PH) is a cream formula that gives skin a flawless, petal-like finish. It's a mid to heavy coverage foundation that also boasts of SPF30 PA++! I thought at first that its darkest shade No.23 (hay Korea) would be way too light on me at first swipe, but it actually works out when I set it with a thin layer of powder foundation. It adjusts to my skin enough that it registers well even on HD photo and video.

Staying power is superb and very little does go a long way. I buff it with a dome/oval brush to get it to go on my skin seamlessly. I gave the lighter shade, No.1 to Den (our Managing Editor) and Tessa Prieto-Valdez complimented her on her skin when we did an event last month! It's one of those things you have to see to believe. Luckily, I've got it on video! Here's a look I did with the foundation. 

Right? RIGHT? I've been using this base since April (well when I'm not reviewing a new one anyway) and it's one of my favorites. 

I also have the NoTS Once Finishing Cream (P1,799 at AboutFace.PH). This is a primer-slash-in-betweener that acts as an extension of your skincare, with SPF30 PA++ to boot. It has a ridiculously light texture that hugs the skin in this whisper-thin layer. True enough, it makes foundation go on much smoother and your base less prone to fading. I don't use it as often though because my foundations already have either SPF or great staying power! This is more of a must-have for others who don't layer their bases as much. 

Finally, I have the NoTS Lip Shimmer Gloss (P1,299 at AboutFace.PH) which I quite like for traveling and super casual days. It's a tinted balm I can just swipe on without looking. It's super hydrating on the lips, as well! I love how the color actually stains if I've worn it for about an hour, so there would be some left over even when after I eat. ^_^ It's a lovely product but yes, quite pricey.  

The stick foundation though, whoot! You have to try it out one of these days if you're loving how it applies and the beautiful finish. Come check out AboutFace.PH soon while these products are on sale!

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