Is your makeup making you look tired? Here are 7 ways to fix it

There's no award for who's the most tired with their life but somehow we're all winning. Being exhausted has practically become more than just a temporary feeling; it’s pretty much added to our permanent self description. Thanks to cosmetics, we can easily fake eight hours of sleep when we’ve barely had three. But has anyone ever told you that you look tired when you’ve spent hours and money trying to do the opposite?

If only it exists!

If only it exists!

Makeup is wonderful, IF you’re using it correctly. You might not know it, but you might be committing a few makeup mistakes that are making you look more tired than you should be! Check out my half-and-half face and see these common makeup booboos and their solutions.

DO moisturize first, DON’T go to your base makeup right away

You set your makeup to fail when you skip the moisturizer. It doesn’t matter whether you want a dewy or matte finish; it’s important to keep your skin hydrated as dry, parched skin will age your look! Moisturizing your face also ensures that product doesn’t just sit on top of your skin, hence giving you the most natural skin-looking finish possible.   

Try: Aveda Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème. This is my glow booster in a jar.

DO go for an airbrushed finish, DON’T cake your face up

While heavy foundations have their place in studio shoots with harsh lighting, it simply doesn’t work as well for everyday wear. I love the BYS Crème Foundation in Sand Beige but if not applied properly, any cream formula tends to cake up and accentuate fine lines. If you haven't mastered a creating a flawless face base yet, a liquid foundie is the way to go for that skin that looks like skin that we all want. Applied with a blending sponge, you can get an airbrushed finish that looks great both in photos and real life.

Try: Céleteque Dermocosmetics 24 Hour Photoready Foundation applied with the Nippon Pro Blend Sponge

DO blend out a light concealer in an inverted triangle, DON’T just place it where your bags are

Your dark circles and eye bags are usually the biggest tell-tale sign of tiredness. With concealing, the two things that you have to remember are color and location. Personally, I prefer going one shade lighter as I like the slight highlighting action that brightens my eyes and lifts my face. As for the location, I blend out the concealer in an inverted triangle reaching the center of my apples. Don’t forget to add a bit on your lids, too!

Try: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer as a splurge option, or the Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer if you're on a budget

DO extend your brow outwards but DON’T let them droop them downwards

If your brows are shorter than they should be, extend them outwards and in a slight downward angle rather than doing a sudden cliff dive. While I appreciate a good arched brow, extending the tail too far down has the tendency to make your eyes look droopy. Droopy = sleepy = tired.

Try: BYS Brow Definition Kit

DO curl and coat your lashes, DON’T just leave them sticking down

Opening up your eyes can do a great deal in making you look less tired. It’s also the quickest way to fake alertness, as curling and coating your lashes takes less than two minutes!

Try: Fashion21’s Eyelash Curler or the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. For mascara, check out our staff favorites!

DO match your lipstick and liner, DON’T go for a darker liner than your lipstick shade

It’s one of those subtle things that can make you feel like something is off. When the perimeter of your lips is darker than the center, it draws the vibrancy away from the lips and makes it look like your lips are lacking moisture. Take your cue from the Korean gradient lip and diffuse the more vibrant color from the inside out.

Try: Essence Lip Liner In The Nude with Pink Sugar HD Lipstick in Naked

DO flush your cheeks with some color, DON’T just leave them hanging

When you’re tired and sleep-deprived, your face looks more grey and sallow because of poor blood circulation. Thankfully, there’s blush to the rescue! Match it with your lip color for a more coherent FOTD.

Try: Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks in Miss Independent. This is the perfect matte peach blush!

So there you go! I hope you liked my half-and-half demo. If you avoid these makeup booboos, no one would be the wiser that you’re just running on caffeine. Any more tips to share?