Budget Beauty: Eight eyebrow powders under P500

If you've been following Project Vanity for a while, you'd know how obsessed we are about our kilay. We can't be caught dead without them! Pencils are the easiest (and most convenient) way to give our brows that much-needed definition, and luckily, there are some good ones for less than P200. But what if you want a softer look or only need a little bit of filling in? Brow powders are great pick for diffusing color over larger areas, or mixed with a bit of water for more definition. If you fill your brows every day and need affordable options, we have eight picks that don't go beyond the P500 mark! 

Image via YouTube/Cosmetic Fixation

Image via YouTube/Cosmetic Fixation

In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Powder (P300 at deparment stores)

This is probably the most famous budget-friendly brow powder in the Philippine market. The packaging design has been updated since we last reviewed it, but it still features the same silky pigments There are three shades which you can mix to create your own perfect brow shade, or "contour" your brows for a more 3D effect by using the lightest shade on the innermost area then gradually moving onto the darker shades towards the tail. The colors are pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Cake (P180 in Althea Korea)

If In2It is the most popular in the PH, Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Cake is the most famous “basic” brow powder among Korean teens! This product comes in two shades with two colors each. The product is slightly powdery and the pigmentation isn't as heavy, so if you're heavy-handed or just learning how to apply brow powder, you can just build up to your desired intensity.

Ellana Quad Palette (P299 at Ellana.com.ph)

This palette is intended as an eyeshadow, but the four shades are perfect for brows, too! If your arches are tinted blonde or red, these colors will blend and shade them correctly. Use them wet for maximum intensity.

BYS Brow Definition Kit in Wow Brown (P399 in Watsons)

This palette contains three uber versatile powders and one wax pan. The powders are pigmented enough to be used as eyeshadow and the black, as eyeliner, while allowing you to mix limitless eyebrow shades for all hair colors. Staying power is good too! This is a great buy considering quality and price.

Image via iamalexa.biz

Image via iamalexa.biz

TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow (P448 at TonyMoly boutiques)

Expect a tiny bit of fallout when you load your brush with too much product, but these brow powders have the best color selection of Pinay-friendly browns. Natural Brown has yellow-toned browns to match light-colored hair, while Grey Brown suits girls with dark brown to black hair. Pigmentation is light enough not to overdo but strong enough to show up on your brows.

Image via kerinkeristore.com

Image via kerinkeristore.com

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (P390 at department stores)

For very bushy brows that need taming in addition to definition, the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder comes with a spoolie and clear brow wax in addition to the angled brush applicator. There are six shades available so you should be able to find a duo that perfect matches your hair color. Go easy with wax application though, as applying too much can make your brows look too flat and shiny!

ELF Eyebrow Kit (P270~ at department stores)

Looking for a cheaper version of Benefit's BrowZings? While it's not an exact dupe, the tinted gel and powder duo of ELF Eyebrow Kit is reminiscent of the cult product. Mixing the two together creates a richly pigmented brow filler that lasts all day long! To use, apply the gel first then set with the powder.

Image via charmainizer.blogspot.com

Image via charmainizer.blogspot.com

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Kit (P200 at department stores)

Don't know how to shape your brows? Essence offers eyebrow stencils with the kit! There are only two shades available and it feels quite powdery, but the pigmentation is intense. It’s also very soft so it’s best for diffused-natural eyebrow looks. The cheap plastic packaging is extremely flimsy so we definitely recommend transferring it to a magnetic case to keep the soft powder from accidentally breaking.

Bonus tip: If your brow powder has neutral undertones, you can also use it as a contour powder! You can create shadows on the crease of your eyes and slim down your nose by blending it down the sides.

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