Five ways to heat-proof your makeup

The best way to deal with the heat and humidity is to take refuge in air-conditioned malls, coffee shops, and heck, even offices. Still, we need to commute and walk under the sun. We may feel harassed but we certainly don't want to look it! Here are some tips for keeping your makeup intact and flawless even in this crazy heat.

PROTECT. Once you’re done with your skincare regimen, you need to protect your face by applying sunscreen. While there are so many makeup products that comes with SPF protection, it’s still better to put on a separate sunscreen product. You can find light and non-sticky options here.

PRIME. A primer can do so many amazing things for your skin. First, it serves as a base for your foundation or BB/CC cream. Second, it minimizes the appearance of pores and makes skin feel smoother. Last but not the least, it helps your makeup last longer. There are many primers available in the market, and you don't have to spend much to find a product that works. Here are some of our primer picks for under P500.

USE A SHEER BASE. If you can, skip the heavy foundation and use BB cream instead. We love BB creams because they’re usually lighter in terms of formulation. If you don't wear heavy coverage skin perfectors, then not a lot will come off once your face gets hot and sweaty! 

BB creams are considered an all-in-one makeup product that can moisturize, treat blemishes, prevent wrinkles, and protect the skin. We've reviewed quite a few products on Project Vanity but if you still haven't found a formula you like, you can try to hack one using stuff you may already have in your kit.

POWDER UP. Whatever your makeup preference may be, always make sure you apply powder in the end. Powder helps set makeup and extends its wear. It also helps absorb oily residue on the face while freshening up your makeup, since you can easily retouch throughout the day. Just lightly pat powder all over your face with a puff or fluffy brush so you don't disturb the skincare and makeup layers underneath.

Pro tip: always apply a thin layer of powder per layer and make sure you powder on a completely dry face. Blot with tissue first to remove any sweat or oil! If you powder on top of damp skin, the powder will cake.

BLOT WITH BLOTTING SHEETS. They're cheap, convenient, and get rid of the oil on your skin without smudging your makeup. In fact, it's a must to use one of these before reapplying powder to prevent caking. One pack often contains 50-100 sheets, so you can use it for a very long time.

Are you excited for summer? I hope these tips help you stay matte and pretty even when it gets hotter!