We just tried Target Pro, a secretly popular Japanese skincare line in Watsons

Editor's Note: Liz here! I had lunch with Watsons's group manager recently so of course, I had to ask what their best-selling products are. He mentioned Target Pro - a line I have never heard of. It does a tidy amount of sales because of the specificity and efficacy of each product in lessening signs of aging, premature or otherwise. Interesting right? Let's see what Marielle says about it!

Just ask any member of the PV Team about where they shop for beauty booty, and they’ll immediately list Watsons as one of their regular haunts. Its wealth of makeup and skincare picks that fit a wide range of budgets, plus there's always something new! We’ve already switched and saved during budget season, stripped down to gentler bath and body formulations with the Naturals line, armed ourselves against the elements with the Pure Beauty Urban Shield line, and got a head start on anti-aging with the Collagen line. But it doesn’t stop there! This veritable drugstore brand has now tapped into the J-beauty scene to bring us Target Pro by Watsons.

This new Japan-made skincare line is divided into two main product categories: the Essential range and the Targeted Skin Care range. The former consists of basic products that all skin types can share (such as cleanser, toner, and moisturizer), while the  latter addresses specific skin concerns like eye care, hyper pigmentation, and dryness. I've been trying out three Targeted Skin Care products that are formulated with a special anti-aging ingredient called Diamond Sirt. Made with actual diamond powder, it slows down skin cell degeneration and protects against skin cell damage.


My Target Pro experience starts with the Hydrating Serum (P1,499) that contains collagen and hyaluronic acid. It has a thick, globby consistency from the dropper, yet feels and absorbs like gel on the skin. There is a slight tackiness to it afterwards, but it's not uncomfortable. I am able to proceed straight to applying makeup primer afterwards for daytime. Two drops are enough to cover my whole face as the formula is easy to spread. 


After the serum dries down, I spot-apply the Freckle Solution Cream (P1,199) from the sides of my nose to the tops of my cheeks going towards my temple as most of my freckles and hyper pigmentation can be found in those areas. The formula uses tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and glabridin for a lightening effect.

The tapered nozzle dispenses a light cream that also absorbs quickly and has a temporary, mild cooling effect. While the recommended use is twice daily, the sensitive area near my nose did experience some purging, causing me to scale back to applying every other night instead. In the ten days that I have been using this though, I have noticed the faster fading of pimple scars, so I’m excited to see if the long-term effect includes the lightening of my blemishes (aside from freckles). With its affordable price, it makes for a great gateway product into the Target Pro line.


Finally, I massage the Neck Solution Cream (P1,299) in an upward motion to keep my neck area hydrated. Admittedly, I wouldn’t immediately have expected something like this to be part of the line, but it does make sense: even if your face looks smooth and supple skin, sagging and dryness on the neck can still give the look of premature aging. 

The cream is rich but applies smoothly, with no sticky feel once it dries. I would like to point out that the other featured ingredient here is retinol, though the main hydrating ingredients include butylene glycol, mineral oil, and petrolatum. It is pricey in that sense, so it does feel like you’re paying a lot for the retinol and diamond sirt.

Before and after

Before and after

After the 10-day trial period, the biggest change I noticed was the slight fading of the pimple scars on my chin. This is particularly significant, considering that I didn’t even usethe Freckle Solution Cream daily. I also didn’t experience any dry patches, even without applying an additional moisturizer over everything.

Swatches from left: Neck Solution Cream, Freckle Solution Cream, and Hydrating Serum

Swatches from left: Neck Solution Cream, Freckle Solution Cream, and Hydrating Serum

Overall, the Target Pro line is worth a try for those seeking an easily accessible, premium anti-aging regimen without going full luxe beauty. None of the three products I tried have any discernible scent, so that’s a bonus for those with sensitive noses.

Have you started incorporating anti-aging products into your regimen? Which of these products would you want to try?

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