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The 101 On Tretinoin: Everything you need to know about this popular acne treatment

My first bout with tretinoin was not a good one. In fact, it caused me my first trip to the dermatologist. I was in middle school and suffering from acne. And since I was a teen who didn’t know any better and would pick at my pimples, I ended up with many dark scars or hyperpigmentation! I would constantly look for quick ways to get rid of the marks. Out of curiosity, I tried using Maxi Peel’s #3 Exfoliant Solution (because I was a badass - don’t be like me) after seeing ads about it.

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Vitamin C 101: What you need to know about this powerful skincare active

Did you survive flu season? Apart from getting the flu shoot, many people normally add vitamin supplements to keep from getting sick. Vitamin C is particularly popular because it helps boost your immune system. It is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and promotes healing and collagen production, so it’s actually also a really effective skincare active!

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We just tried Target Pro, a secretly popular Japanese skincare line in Watsons

Just ask any member of the PV Team about where they shop for beauty booty, and they’ll immediately list Watsons as one of their regular haunts. Its wealth of makeup and skincare picks that fit a wide range of budgets, plus there's always something new! We’ve already switched and saved during budget season, stripped down to gentler bath and body formulations with the Naturals line, armed ourselves against the elements with the Pure Beauty Urban Shield line, and got a head start on anti-aging with the Collagen line. But it doesn’t stop there! This veritable drugstore brand has now tapped into the J-beauty scene to bring us Target Pro by Watsons.

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