Staff Picks: Our favorite stores to raid

“For PV research.” That’s our usual excuse whenever we need to justify a purchase. Okay, fine so we really just want/need to get a new tube of lipstick or a new set of brushes but we do our best to curb shopaholic and hoarding tendencies! We do tend to haunt certain stores more than most, and in the interest of getting more people addicted spreading the love, we’re sharing our favorite beauty shopping destinations!

Den: I really don't like going to malls so BeautyMNL is a godsend for me! I love being able to shop several brands and different products without having to physically walk from store to store (#tamad) plus I don't get hounded by salesladies. I hoard my Leaders sheet masks from here, also because they don't have a store near me. They usually deliver my orders the very next day, and the cash-on-delivery option is just so convenient. The cherry on the sundae? I love reading their Bloom magazine articles!

Gett: I usually go around at SM Beauty/Watsons when I have the time. If there are new releases or brands that are not available at SM Beauty, I turn to Beauty MNL!

Marielle: I have K-beauty fever! Because of that, I am on the prowl for both Korean drugstore and premium products. I find that Althea Korea has a great and varied selection, and even some strange stuff that makes me curious enough to want to try. Also, the prices are reasonable. I consolidate orders with friends every now and then to get the minimum for free shipping, so it doesn't always have to be a massive haul.

Kim: I make about two or three trips to Watsons or SM Beauty Stores every month just to check out what's new and make sure that nothing flies under my radar. I really love how the availability of brands have improved over the years! I also shop online quite a bit! I'm always hanging out at Althea and Sephora to check for good deals.

Angela: I go to SM Beauty or Watsons for drugstore favorites like Maybelline and Pink Sugar. And when I'm abroad, Sephora is a sure stopover. It's a beauty paradise!

Karla: I love shopping at for all of my ZOEVA products. They have the best selection of brushes and eyeshadow palettes, and are bringing in more and more brands into their site! I'm now on the waitlist for some Too Faced and BECCA products and I couldn't be more excited!

Claire: I usually go to Landmark Makati whenever I'm in the mood for a beauty fix. I love that they have major brands for low, mid, and high-end products. Plus, their beauty section has a lot of very affordable beauty tools and organizers (mostly unbranded, though). I also love shopping online - BeautyMNL, Sephora, and Althea are online hangouts for me. I mostly get products that I can't find in physical stores or have an online promotion.

Charlie: When I run out of my regular beauty needs, I usually shop at Watsons. I also love going to bazaars as they carry a lot of beauty stuff that aren't readily available here or have lower prices. I make sure to be careful and avoid "SG Authentic" makeup, but most of my greatest beauty or skincare finds are from bazaars.

Stacie: I visit a lot of stores to shop for my stash since I am always on a look out to score sweet, budget-friendly deals. For essentials, I either buy from Daiso (their puff and cotton pads are decent!) or Watsons/SM Beauty.  For makeup, it depends on the availability of the product or where I can get it cheapest without getting conned. I also have an impulse “I’m sad so I’ll just go buy something” place: Etude House. Their products are fairly priced and they have small things that cheer me up without hurting my wallet. Just last week, I semi-impulsively got this pretty pink and gold lash curler!

Where do you shop for your stash? Are you an impulsive buyer or a practical spender?